Elcometer 6210 RAL Colour Charts

The Elcometer 6210 RAL Colour Charts is a system of reference colours, enabling many industrial products to be identified, compared and classified, ideal for use with Elcometer 6300 Colour Assessment Cabinets. Available either in the form of compact colour charts or in separate sheets of different sizes, with or without colourmetric identification, separately or in groups supplied in a file or a box.

Elcometer 6300 Colour Assessment Cabinets

Colour assessment cabinets are suitable for any industry where there is a need to maintain colour consistency and quality. These include paint, textiles, automotive, ceramics, cosmetics, dyeing, food, footwear, inks, knitwear, packaging, printing, etc. Elcometer 6300 Colour Assessment Cabinets, also known as light cabinets or colour matching booths, ensures accurate visual colour assessment and colour comparison. Constructed from steel, Elcometer’s lightweight colour assessment cabinets are supplied with different light sources used to simulate different conditions.