Elcometer 2410 Standard Viscosity Oils for Calibration

In order to check the viscosity cup’s calibration or to certify it for ISO purposes, it is imperative that viscosity cup standard calibration oils are used.The Elcometer 2410 Standard Viscosity Oils have a specific drain time, dependent upon the viscosity cup type (Ford, Shell, Zahn etc.) and the orifice or cup number used. To check the viscosity cup, use the standard viscosity oils in place of the liquid and measure the drain time. Specific calibration oils can only be used … Read More

Elcometer 4270 Sag Tester

The Elcometer 4270 Sag Tester is used to establish a coating’s resistance to sag due to gravity. Made from stainless steel, the straight scraper has 11 notches of increasing clearance. A contrast chart is immediately placed in a vertical position with the thinnest film at the top. The thickness at which the stripes join indicates the tendency to sag. The Elcometer 4270 Sag Tester can work in accordance with: • ASTM D 4400 • FMTS 141 4494.1 Elcometer 4270 Sag … Read More

Elcometer 2290 Daniel Flow Gauge

The Elcometer 2290 Daniel Flow Gauge is a simple instrument and is used to assess the ability of thick or paste-like materials such as paints or printing inks to flow.The product is poured into the semi-cylindrical reservoir. When the instrument is lifted vertically, the product runs on a graduated plate, which is fixed perpendicular to the reservoir.The distance covered in a pre-determined time is the measure of the fluidity.

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