Product Description

DM4A Moisture Meter

The DM4A Moisture Meter is a universal moisture meter for measuring moisture content in wood, building materials, paper, cardboard and numerous other materials. Non destructive – in seconds – only push and read.

Conforms to : DIN EN.50081 & 2(EC Rated)


The pocket size, robust, hand held, electronic moisture meter is suitable for a quick determination of the moisture. The materials are merely touched and the % moisture appears on the display, (approximately one reading every 2 seconds).

The depth of penetration of the measuring field into the material is approximately 30mm, thereby the moisture in low lying layers is obtained as well. The average moisture % is shown.

Time consuming preparations (i.e drilling holes & waiting for heat to dissipate) are no longer required.

Supplied in foam lined pouch with instructions.

Other features include:

  • material group setting by means of a membrane-type keypad.
  • the adjusted material group can always be seen in the display.
  • microprocessor controlled measuring with automatic zero point correction.
  • up to 10 different customer specific linearisation curves, with up to 8 free programmable linearisation points can be implemented.
  • storage for 100 moisture values.
  • automatic calculation of maximum, average and minimum value.
  • fixed linearisation curves for a lot of common materials are already stored and can be selected.
  • the instrument’s calibration can be checked with the optional calibration modules PE05 and PE30.

Optional Extras

  • Software DMI-Controller which includes RS232 serial interface cable for connecting to a PC.
  • different settings can be chosen and measured and stored. These values can then be transferred to the PC for analysis and storing on a disc.
  • the instrument can be made with an aluminum casing for better protection against mechanical and electrostatic influence.

The DM4A Moisture Meter can be used in accordance with:

  • DIN EN.50081 & 2 (EC Rated)



DM4A Moisture Meter – Specifications

Description Technical Specifications
Measuring range: 0 – 100% (adjustable)
Resolution: 0.10%
Measuring frequency: 1 – 10 Meas. / sec. (adjustable)
Attenuation: 0 – 99% (adjustable)
Measurement storage: 100 values
Dimension: approx. 200 x 80 x 40 mm
Weight: approx. 250 g
Battery: lithium U9VL battery with 1,2 Ah capacity will outlast normal 9v PP3 by over 10 times


Alternative moisture meters:

  • DS4A with bigger storage, connectors for additional sensors as temperature and air humidity, data logger for up to 4000 values, PC-Interface
  • A10/20, H24/70, P12/20 (with analogue display)
  • G812 (special instrument for screeds)
  • PD5 for waste paper
  • DM7 similar to the DM4A but with special sensor for measuring moisture in veneers, corrugated cardboards, single flat cardboard & cardboard pipes & rolls
  • GM32, GM42, GM53, GM54 (price sensitive meters)
  • LWM2 (conductance measuring principle with pins)

Measuring Principle (Capacitive) : The micro-processor controlled moisture meter measures the moisture indirectly in determining the dielectric constant. Therefore a capacitive measurement is done over a high frequency, electronic field, which passes through the material without damaging it.

Neutral Point : The neutral point (np) is continuously monitored and is automatically corrected by the micro- processor.

Measuring Process : After pressing the “on” button and holding the meter in the air, to obtain the automatic neutral point, the 3 spring steel sensors must be firmly pressed onto the material to be tested. The reading is retained until the next reading is made.

Selecting material setting : Press “mat” – key, choose material with arrow keys (up or down) and set it by pressing the “ok” pad (see list below)

BD2 Setting on the DM4A : 
A1 Fir, Hemlock, Poplar, Ilomba
A2 Cedar, Chestnut, Lime, Pine
A3 Ash, Birch, Beech, Cherry, Elm, Nut, Red – Oak
A4 Apple – Tree, Pear – Tree, Oak, White Beech,
Particle (Chip) Board
A5 Hardboard
B1 Ytong
B2 Bricks, Plastering, Wall – Tiles
B3 Sand, Cement – Eternit – Slabs, Floor – Tiles, Anhydride   Flooring
B4 Water – Proof – Screed, Concrete
B5 Marble
HD5 Setting on the DM4A :
H1: Balsa
H2: Abachi
H3: Fir, Gobun, Hemlock, Ilombo, Louen, Meranti–Light, Oregon–Pine, Poplar, Red-Pine
H4: Carollnapine, Cedro, Pine, Limba, Lime, Horsechestnut, Silverwillow , Cedar
H5: Ahorn, Ash, Birch, Beech, Cherry , Elm, Nut, Pitch-Pine, Red-Oak, Ramin, Sipo, Teak
H6: Apple, Insulation Board, Meranti Dark, Merbau, Oak, Pear, Padouk, White-Pine, Zebrano
H7: Jarrach, Keruing, Macore, Mahogony, Particle Board, Red-Balau, Wenge
H8: Bongossi, Cocobolo, Ebony
PD2 Setting on the DM4A : 
P1 Filter Paper, Wrapping Tissue
P2 Crepe Paper, Semi Chemical Fluting Medium, Testliner, “Schrenz”
P3 Recycled Fluting Medium, Wrapping Paper
P4 Kraft Paper
P5 Offset Paper


Data Sheet

DM4A Moisture Meter – Data Sheet

DM4A Moisture Meter Data Sheet


DM4A Moisture Meter – Standards

The DM4A Moisture Meter can be used in accordance with the following Standard:

  • DIN EN.50081 & 2 (EC Rated)

Instruction Manual

DM4A Moisture Meter – Instruction Manual

DM4A Moisture Meter Instruction Manual