Painted steel panels, used for measuring the hiding power of powder coatings and industrial enamels.

Available in half black/half white and all black.
Black surface:
Solvent Resistant, Non bleeding, Reflective

  • 1% maximum, measured according to ASTM Method E1347

White surface:
Solvent Resistant, Colour Retentive, Reflective, Reflectance

  • 80% minimum, measured according to ASTM Method E1347



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Technical Specification

Part Number Description Chart Dimensions Box Weight Quantity
per Box
per Case
Box Case mm inches
K0004695M094 K0004695M294 Leneta Panel T12G 76 x 132 3 x 53/16 3.63kg (8lb) 125 4
K0004695M095 K0004695M295 Leneta Panel T12M 132 x 279 53/16 x 11 1.81kg (4lb) 50 4