The Elcometer Protective Inspection Kit for Hazardous Areas is a protective coating inspection kit suitable for use in hazardous areas where electronic equipment is prohibited.

The kit provides all the tools required for the on-site inspection of a coating, including surface profile, dewpoint, relative humidity, both wet and dry film thickness and also adhesive testing.

Measurement parameters include:

  • Surface inspection
  • Surface profile
  • Surface contamination
  • Climatic conditions
  • Coating thickness
  • Adhesion

The products contained in this kit are not tested and approved for use in Hazardous Areas. Site Management should be consulted before this kit is used.

Kit Contents
Model Description
Elcometer 128 Pictorial Standards
Elcometer 125 Surface Comparator, Grit
Elcometer 125 Surface Comparator, Shot
Elcometer 122 Testex Tape, Coarse
Elcometer 122 Testex Tape, Extra Coarse
Elcometer 124 Testex Dial Thickness Gauge
Elcometer 131/1C Telescopic Inspection Mirror
Elcometer 134 Chlor*Test Surface Testing Kit
Elcometer 113 Magnetic Thermometer °C (°F)
Elcometer 116 Whirling Hygrometer °C (Metric),
Sling Hygrometer °F (Imperial)
Elcometer 114 Dewpoint Calculator
Elcometer 112 Hexagonal Wet Film Comb: 25 -3000µm (1 – 120mils)
Elcometer 211 Thickness Gauge
Elcometer 107 Cross Hatch Full Kit – ISO (ASTM) Tape, Brush & Eye Glass