Product Description

IR-CAM-Fever Infrared Body Surface Temperature Rapid Screening Camera

IR-CAM-Fever is a non-contact human temperature measurement system specially designed for human body inspection and quarantine places. The system uses infrared thermal imaging and high-definition visible light overlay technology, with functions such as online temperature measurement, temperature alarm and face recognition. It can be widely used in airports, bus stations, subways, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, enterprises and institutions, as well as other densely populated places. It can quickly screen fever patients in large-scale mobile populations, help security personnel and medical staff to improve the efficiency of epidemic detection, and build the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

The IR-CAM-Fever is easy to operate, fast, reliable, and cost effective. It has already been used during past epidemics and can measure up to 5 peoples’ temperatures at once.


  • 384 x 288 Uncooled detector
  • Visible & infrared image fusion and overlay
  • Motorized lens with auto focus
  • Measurement accuracy ≤0.5°C
  • Sound and light alarm, 40 seconds voice recording
  • Palm design, weighing only 400g
  • 2″ Rotatable display for viewing at different angles
  • Multiple temperature measurement modes: high and low temperature auto tracking, line temperature measurement, isothermal analysis




Data Sheet

<h2>IR-CAM-Fever Infrared Body Surface Temperature Rapid Screening Camera – Data Sheet</h2>

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