Product Description

TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter

The TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter is a new digital, simple to use moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry. It is ideal for a range of quality control applications associated with the production, trading and use of wood products.It is also a useful indicator of moisture in other materials. This compact instrument has eight calibration scales, enabling the user to take accurate moisture measurements in 150 wood species. When necessary, it can be used with a temperature probe that automatically corrects the measured moisture level with respect to the temperature of the wood being tested. All readings are displayed on a large LCD display.

May be used with optional hammer electrodes ( BLD5010 and BLD5000 ) for sub-surface measurements.



TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter – Specifications

Description Technical Specifications
Range : 6 – 99.9 Moisture Level
Resolution : 1
Warranty : 1 Year
Weight : 150 g
Battery : 2 x AA
Size : 180 x 28 x 49


TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter Packing list:

  • Pouch
  • Moisture Remote Probe
  • Calchecker
  • Wood Calibration table (%MC)


Data Sheet

TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter – Data Sheet

 TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter Data Sheet



TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter – Accessories

Code  Product Name  Description 
BLD5000 Hammer Electrode Moisture readings at depth in timber
BLD5020 Deep Wall Probes – 23cm length.

Optional Accessories
both plug into jack plug (adjacent to needles)

  • Deep Wall Probes (5018 & 5020) (with insulated stems & bare tips) can detect moisture levels up to 140 & 240 mm Length depth. Supplied in a Canvas (Velcro) Pouch.
  • Hammer Electrode (5000) which penetrates to 37 mm into hard wood is supplied with Extra Heavy Duty needles which have insulated stems & bare tips (in Pouch).

Note: Hammer Electrode readings are more meaningful and less destructive than an Oven Drying Test. The oven gives an average moisture content. The Hammer Electrode enables the user to measure the highest moisture content (to 37mm) which is the requirement of most users.


Instruction Manual

TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter – Instruction Manual

 TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter Instruction Manual