Digital Inclinometer 360 degree Angle Gauge Module


Product Description


The Digital Inclinometer 360 degree Angle Gauge Module is a very robust, simple electronic digital LCD display inclinometer, which can be used independently or affixed to machinery or straight edges. It measures angles in degrees or slopes in percentages. It is the most complete program of digital electronic levels without compromises. Available in lengths from 25cm to 180cm. It indicates level, plumb and displays all angles in between. Product configurations are available for many construction and industry applications.


  • Measures Angles in degrees
  • Measures angles in percentages
  • Rise over run (% = cm/1m)
  • Acoustic signal at level and plumb
  • Accuracy to 0.1 for all Angles
  • Re-calibration by User possible at any time
  • Display automatically inverts (turns over) for taking overhead measurements
  • LCD display operates through 0 to 360°
  • Data hold freezes reading until over-ridden
  • Display 0-90° (in 4 quadrants), 0-100% (in 8 segments, ie. every 45°)
  • Available with Integrated Laser

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