Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge

Product Description

The PTG8 is the top of the range gauge with all the features and functionality necessary for measuring, with precision, material thickness on virtually any material.

With a user definable display, users can choose to view readings, statistical information, bar graph together with the highest (Hi); lowest (Lo); and average (x); reading or a run chart; a trend graph of the last 20 readings.

Measurement Mode

In Scan Mode, readings can be taken at a rate of 16Hz (16 readings per second) over a large surface area.  When the transducer is lifted off the surface, the average, lowest and highest thickness values are displayed.

Calibration Options

The PTG8 allows users to store into memory up to three calibrations.  Once saved the user can select a calibration without the need to re-calibrate the gauge, ideal for users who are measuring a variety of materials or thicknesses.

Using the gauge’s alpha-numeric function, calibration memories can be re-named to suit the calibration setting.

Display Modes

The PTG8 has user definable upper and lower limits with audible and visual pass/fail warnings.  Limits can be set for individual readings or for each batch.  If a measurement is taken which falls outside set limits, the reading value and the limit icon turns red, the red LED flashes and the alarm beeps.

The PTG8 has Differential Mode; once a user defined nominal thickness value is set, the gauge displays the measured thickness together with the variation from the set nominal value thus indicating areas of the material which are thinner or thicker than expected.

The PTG8 offers B-Scan, a time based, cross sectional 2 dimentional graphical view of the material under test, ideal for relative depth analysis.  The zoom of the B-Scan reading can either be set to automatic or can be defined by the user to focus on areas of interest.

Data Logging

The PTG8 can store 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 sequential or grid type batches. Using grid batching, readings are stored in a spreadsheet type format. The Obst feature, allows the user to record an obstruction within the grid.

Data Output

Compatible with ElcoMaster®, PC & Mobile Apps, readings can be downloaded via USB or Bluetooth® to PC, iOS or Android™ devices for further analysis and reporting.

Features of the Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge

  • Interface Echo (I-E) Echo-Echo (E-E) ) & Plastic Mode (PLAS) measurement modes
  • Measurement range from 0.15mm to 25.40mm
  • 2-Point, 1-Point, Material & Factory Calibration options
  • Three user programmable calibration memories
  • User selectable measurement rate; 4,8,16 readings per second
  • User selectable reading resolution; 0.1mm or 0.01mm
  • Scan Mode
  • Readings, selected statistics, Bar Graph, Run Chart, B-Scan & Differential Mode
  • Gauge memory; stores upto 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 sequential or grid batches
  • User definable upper and lower limits with audible & visual pass/fail warnings
  • USB and Bluetooth® data output to ElcoMaster® and ElcoMaster® Mobile Apps

Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge can be used in accordance with:

  • EN14127
  • EN15317


Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge – Specifications

Part Number (with Transducer)1 PTG6-TXC PTG8BDL-TXC
Part Number (gauge only) PTG6 PTG8BDL
Easy to use menu structure in multiple languages
Tough, impact, waterproof and dust resistant equivalent to IP54
Bright colour screen with permanent backlight
Ambient light sensor, with adjustable brightness
Scratch and solvent resistant display; 6cm TFT
Large positive feedback buttons
USB power supply via PC
Gauge software updates2 via ElcoMaster® Software
2 year gauge warranty3
Limits: 40 definable audible & visual pass/fail warnings
Measurement Rate 4, 8, 16Hz 4, 8, 16Hz4
Measurement Mode Range5 Accuracy6
Echo-Echo (E-E) 0.15-10.15mm ±0.015mm (0.15-2.99mm)
±0.5% (3.00-10.15mm) ±0.5%
Interface Echo (I-E) 1.65-25.40mm ±0.015mm (1.65-2.99mm)
±0.5%(3.00-25.4mm) ±0.5%
Plastic Mode (PLAS) 0.15-5.00mm ±0.015mm (0.15-2.99mm)
±0.5% (3.00-5.00mm) ±0.5%
Measurement Units mm mm
Repeatability / Stability Indicator
Display Mode
Selected statistics
Scan thickness bar graph
Run Chart
Readings and Differential
B-Scan cross sectional display
Selectable Reading Resolution
Lo; 0.1mm
Hi; 0.01mm
Number of readings,n; Mean average, x ; Standard deviation, σ.
Lowest reading, Lo; Highest reading, Hi
Low / high limit value
Reading Range Value
Nominal Value
Number of readings below low limit
Number of readings above high limit
Calibration Options
1 – point
2 – point
Material selection; 39 preset materials
Factory; resets to the factory calibration
Velocity (speed of sound)
Calibration Features
Calibration lock; with optional PIN Lock
Test calibration feature
Calibration memories: 3 programmable memories
Measurement outside calibration warning
Data Logging
Number of readings 100
Number of batches  1,000
Sequential batching
Grid batching
Fixed batch size mode; with batch linking
Obstruct entry; add ‘obst’ into grid location
Delete last reading
Date & time stamp
Review, clear & delete batches
Alpha numeric batch names; user definable
Batch review graph
Data Output
Bluetooth® to PC, AndroidTM & iOS devices
ElcoMaster® software
Transducer Probe Type
Single Element
Auto transducer recognition
Auto V-path correction
Battery Type7 2 x AA
Battery Life7 Alkaline: 15 hours
Lithium: 28 hours
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C
Size (w x h x d) 145 x 73 x 37mm
Weight (including batteries) 210g

Packing List

  • Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge
  • 15MHz 1/4″ Microdot right angle single element transducer
  • Couplant
  • Wrist Strap
  • 3 x Screen Protector
  • Protective Case
  • Plastic Transit Case
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Two year Warranty Extension Card
  • Operating Instructions

Data Sheet

Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge – Data Sheet

Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge Data Sheet


Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge – Standards

  • EN14127
  • EN15317


Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge – Transducers

Suitable for measuring Suitable for
Part Number Probe
Damping Thin
Steel Aluminium Titanium PTG6
15.0 MHz Single Element Transducer
TXC15M0CM 1/4″ Right Angle S
20.0 MHz Single Element Transducer
TXC20M0CM 1/4″ Right Angle S


Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge – Accessories

Calibration Standard Sets
Part Number Description 
T920CALSTD-SET1 Calibration Standard Set;
Nominal Thickness; 2-30mm
Comprising of nominal thickness; 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30mm, complete with holder and calibration certificate.
T920CALSTD-SET2 Calibration Standard Set;
Nominal Thickness; 40 – 100mm
Comprising of nominal thickness; 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 & 100mm, complete with holder and calibration certificate
T920CALSTD-HLD Calibration Holder;
for thicknesses up to 100mm
Individual Calibration Standards
Part Number Nominal Thickness (mm)
T920CALSTD-2 2
T920CALSTD-5 5
T920CALSTD-10 10
T920CALSTD-15 15
T920CALSTD-20 20
T920CALSTD-25 25
T920CALSTD-30 30
T920CALSTD-40 40
T920CALSTD-50 50
T920CALSTD-60 60
T920CALSTD-70 70
T920CALSTD-80 80
T920CALSTD-90 90
T920CALSTD-100 100
Ultrasonic Couplant
T92015701 Ultrasonic Couplant; 120ml
T92015701-5 Ultrasonic Couplant; 120ml, Pack of 5 Bottles
T92024034-7 Ultrasonic Couplant; 300ml
T92024034-8 Ultrasonic Couplant; 500ml
T92024034-3 Ultrasonic Couplant; 3.8l
T92024034-9 High Temperature Couplant 371°C; 60ml
T92024034-10 High Temperature Couplant 371°C; 60ml, Pack of 2
Transducer Adaptor
These adaptors allow single & dual element, ‘non-intelligent’ and other transducers with lemoconnectors from Elcometer NDT and other manufacturers, to be used with the MTG & PTG product range.
Part Number Description
T92025657 Transducer Adaptor Single Element2
Delay Lines
Each single element transducer is supplied complete with 9mm and 12mm acrylic delay lines suitable for measuring on steel, aluminium and titanium. If measuring on thin plastics using Plastic Mode (PLAS), a graphite delay line must be used.
Part Number Description 
T92016528 Acrylic Delay Line; 1/4 Dia x 9mm
T92016529 Acrylic Delay Line; 1/4 Dia x 12mm
T92023853-4 Graphite Delay Line; 1/4 Dia x 3/8″


Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge – Video

When you need to measure thin materials with pinpoint accuracy, the Elcometer PTG6 and PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauges are designed to measure on virtually any uncoated thin material.

1:04 – Taking a measurement using the Elcometer PTG
2:00 – How a Single Element Transducer works
2:58 – Choosing a delay line
3:43 – Reading Stability Indicator – ensure accurate measurements
4:00 – Connecting a transducer to the Elcometer PTG
4:40 – Key features of the Elcometer PTG range
6:18 – Maintaining the accuracy of an Elcometer PTG
6:40 – Elcometer PTG and ElcoMaster

When it comes to measuring the thickness of small, thin, or intricate components, how do you quickly and non-destructively measure the thickness of the material, when you don’t have access to both sides? Typically, using an ultrasonic precision thickness gauge.

Unlike other ultrasonic thickness gauges, which can be notoriously difficult to operate, with confusing and unclear menus – the Elcometer PTG range’s easy-to-use menu system, in multiple languages, mean they can be used straight out-of-the-box, with little or no training required; whilst still delivering highly accurate material thickness measurements.

Taking a reading on very thin substrates, when accuracy is critical, couldn’t be easier – using a very small amount of ultrasonic couplant, press the transducer flat against the surface.

When the transducer is placed on the material, the reading stability indicator shows how strong the ultrasonic signal is – a red or orange bar means you may need to adjust how you’re holding the transducer, or where on the material you are placing it; while a full bar means a strong signal, ensuring accurate, reliable measurements.

The Elcometer PTG range uses single element transducers and a suitable delay line to provide precise, accurate material thickness measurements to one hundredth of a millimetre – or one thousandth of an inch – of thin uncoated materials; such as steel, titanium and plastic; from as little as 0.15mm thick.

The material you are measuring will affect the material of the delay line you should use. For example acrylic delay lines are suitable for measuring on steel, aluminium, and titanium; while thin plastics and other similar materials should be measured using a graphite delay line, with the gauge set to Plastic Mode.

You simply input the length and material of the delay line before starting, and the gauge will subtract it from future measurements, leaving just the thickness of the material.

The Elcometer PTG thickness gauges are designed to work with Elcometer’s range of intelligent transducers, which all have automatic probe recognition – so as soon as the transducer is connected to a gauge, it immediately detects what type of transducer you’re working with. All you need to do is set the appropriate length and material of delay line.

If you already have a range of transducers you wish to use which have Lemo Connectors; they can be connected to the Elcometer PTGs using a single element transducer adaptor – you simply tell the gauge what transducer you are using, as well as the delay line.

The Elcometer PTG range have user selectable measurement rates of up to 16 readings-per-second (16 Hertz); ideal for quickly scrubbing across a surface, recording multiple measurements.

The top-of-the-range Elcometer PTG8 has scan mode for checking large surface areas. Simply scrub the transducer over the test area, and the gauge will display the average, lowest, and highest thicknesses across the scanned area.

In addition to displaying the material thickness, the Elcometer PTG8 has a choice of displays which include user selectable statistics, thickness bar graphs, and run charts.

The Elcometer PTG8 is also equipped with B-Scan mode; which shows any changes in the material thickness, visually, as you move across the surface – ideal for quickly identifying large changes in depth within the material.

With Limit Memories, the Elcometer PTG8 allows you to set high and low limits, as well as the previously mentioned nominal target thickness. Once defined, whenever a reading exceeds these limits, the gauge gives you an audio and visual warning, clearly highlighting any problem areas.

In order to easily maintain the gauges’ 1% accuracy, the Elcometer PTG6 and PTG8 have a range of calibration options, with simple, on-screen instructions that guide you through each method step-by-step.

Instruction Manual

Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge – Instruction Manual

Elcometer PTG8 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge Instruction Manual