Climatic Condition Testing

During the application of a coating, the presence of moisture in the environment or on the work surface, often results in a poor quality finish. Problems such as poor adhesion of the coating or premature corrosion of the substrate can occur. Climatic Condition Testing is therefore critical in ensuring that the coating is applied in conditions that are not adverse to the coating failing.

Monitoring climatic conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint and moisture, is often vital to the successful application of a coating and are critical to the resulting quality and performance of the coated product.

BAMR offers a range of dewpoint and relative humidity meters, thermometers and anemometers to monitor climatic conditions.

Climate Condition Testing includes instruments that can measure all the different climatic conditions including ambient temperature. surface temperature, relative humidity RH, dew point, delta T, wet bulb and dry bulb.

Hygro Thermometers or Thermo Hygrometers measure ambient temperature, relative humidity RH and dew point.

Infrared Temperature gauges are used to measure the surface temperature without making contact with the surface.

Temperature gauges can either be contact surface temperature gauges, or temperature gauges with a number of different probes than can measure ambient temperature, surface temperature – either with a magnet or without as well as liquids. The probes are K-type thermo-couples which plug in.

Anemometers are used for measuring wind speed. There are a number of different options ranging from integrated simple vane meters to external vanes as well as multi purposed models which can measure wind speed as well as wind speed, temperature, wind-chill, relative humidity, dew point, heat index, barometric pressure and upcoming storms and altitude.