Dry Film Coating Thickness - Software

ElcoMaster® Data Management Software is downloadable from the internet FREE of charge. Elcometer provides a complete range of software packages designed for use with their gauges and other manufacturers’ equipment. These software packages are either supplied with the appropriate instruments or can be downloaded from BAMR’s website.

Professional inspection reports provide a competitive advantage in today’s industrial environment. The new ElcoMaster® is a fast, easy to use software solution for all your reporting requirements.

ElcoMaster® makes it easy for you to collate and use the data you record and is provided free of charge. Whether you want to use the data for analysis or to create professional reports for distribution to customers or colleagues, ElcoMaster® can help. With in-built report templates and easy access of all data, images and other associated files, ElcoMaster® makes managing your data simple.

The software has been designed to be familiar and intuitive to any PC user. When the gauge is connected to the PC, individual readings can be sent directly into the software for real time analysis or simply ‘drag and drop’ a batch from the gauge to the software. All associated job or inspection files, health and safety reports etc. can be stored within ElcoMaster®.

One programme holds all of your inspection information in one place. Viewing data and producing standard reports is achievable in just a few clicks. Fully customised reports can be produced quickly by using the ElcoMaster® Report Designer.

In addition to the readings and charts, a digital photograph may be assigned to an individual batch of data, allowing the visual display of the inspection area in reports. Batches can be combined for immediate comparison of data from various areas of the job site.