Sagola Classic Pro Suction Spray Gun

Product Description

The Sagola Classic Pro is a cost effective suction spray gun which has been designed to a high quality you can trust. The spray gun’s design with aluminium regulators, one piece packing nut and single spindle design means there are fewer parts.

The stainless steel needle and nozzle ensure a high quality spray, whatever the coating.


Cup Capacity 1 litre
Cup Type Aluminium Suction Cup
Product Inlet Coupling 9.5mm BSP Male
Air Inlet Coupling 6.35mm BSP Male
Design Pressure 8bar
Working Pressure 2 – 3bar
Compliance ATEX II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb (Directive 2014/34/EU), EN 1953, CE
Dimensions without Cup 290 x 175 x 110mm
Weight 928g

Data Sheet

Application Guide

Needle & Nozzle Size Suitable For Working Pressure Range Air Consumption at 2bar Output Flow (average) Application Distance Fan Width (max)
1.60 (1.60mm) General finishes 2.5 – 3bar 210LPM 60g/min 20 – 25cm (7.8 – 140mm
1.80 (1.80mm) Primers & basecoats 2.5 – 3bar 210LPM 73g/min 20 – 25cm 162mm

Part Numbers

Sagola Classic PRO Suction Spray Gun supplied with a GTO EPA Aircap and 1.60mm needle and nozzle kit
Part Number : PG10120701
Sagola Classic PRO Suction Spray Gun supplied with a GTO EPA Aircap and 1.80mm needle and nozzle kit
Part Number : PG10120702


Sagola 3300 GTO: 1.60mm Needle & Nozzle Kit
Part Number: 10011182
Sagola 3300 GTO: 1.80mm Needle & Nozzle Kit
Part Number: 10011183
RC2 Economy Air Flow Regulator with Analogue Pressure Gauge
Part Number: 40000335
Air Valve Kit
Part Number: PT56418669
Air Gasket Replacement Kit (x6)
Part Number: 56418494
Reusable Suction Cup – Aluminium; 1 Litre
Part Number: PT56418074
Product Filter Kit (x10)
Part Number: PT56418014
Anti-drip Lid Kit (x5)
Part Number: PT56418013
Deposit Closure Flanged Washer
Part Number: PT56418509
Packing Gland
Part Number: 57212211
Air Valve Seat
Part Number: 54110012
GTO EPA Aircap
Part Number: PT56418279
Aircap Gasket & Spring Clip Kit
Part Number: 56418679
Aircap Gasket, Pack of 5
Part Number: 56418682