SH-A Shore A Digital Durometer Hardness Tester


Product Description

The SH-A Shore A digital rubber hardness tester is designed for testing the hardness of soft rubber, printer rollers and other elastomer materials (ASTM–D–2240). This easy to use hardness tester with simple structure and small body us lightweight and gives intuitive readings. Taking hand-held measurements and can also be placed in a cradle with a set load test.


Model Shore A
Measuring range 0-100HA
Resolution 0.5HA
Accuracy ±1HA
Force 0.55-8.06N
Applications General rubber, synthetic rubber soft rubber, poly-resin, leather, wax, etc.
Indenter shape Flat cone point 0.79mm
35º Included Angle
Tip stroke 2.5mm
Net weight 0.5kg

Data Sheet

SH-A Shore A Digital Rubber Hardness Tester – Data Sheet

The SH-A Shore A digital rubber hardness tester Data Sheet