Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

With their ergonomic, rugged design, pin point accuracy and easy to use menus in multiple languages, the Elcometer PTG (Precision Thickness) range of ultrasonic thickness gauges is ideal for measuring and recording material thickness from just 0.15mm to 500mm and sound-velocity on a variety of substrates in a wide range of industrial applications. The principle advantage of ultrasonic measurement over traditional methods is that ultrasonic measurements can be performed with access to only one side of the material being measured.

The PTG range have a measurement accuracy of ±1% and a measurement range of 0.15mm – 10.15mm in Echo-Echo ThruPaint™ (E-E) mode and 1.65mm – 25.40mm in Interface Echo (I-E) Mode.

Accurate and repeatable readings can be taken on smooth, rough and curved, coated or uncoated surfaces. The stability indicator provides a visual indication of both the strength and reliability of the ultrasonic signal.