Concrete Coating Thickness

Concrete Coating Thickness Gauges (also referred to as a paint meter) is used to measure dry film thickness. Dry film thickness is probably the most critical measurement in the coatings industry because of its impact on the coating process, quality and cost. Dry film thickness measurements can be used to evaluate a coating’s expected life, the product’s appearance and performance, and ensure compliance with a host of International Standards.

Designed for measuring on a non-metallic substrate or assessing the thickness of a multi-coat paint, Elcometer offer a range of destructive coating thickness gauges such as the Elcometer 121/4 and Elcometer 141 that are portable and easy to use.

Elcometer 141 Paint Inspection Gauge

The Elcometer 141 Paint Inspection Gauge (P.I.G.) provides a useful method for determining the paint thickness of both single and multiple layer coatings.

The Paint Inspection Gauge is ideal for use on metallic & non-metallic substrates such as wood, glass and plastics.

  • Large easy grip handle – makes cutting thick or hard coatings easy
  • Internal cutter storage compartment
  • x50 magnification microscope

Elcometer 121/4 Standard & Top Paint Inspection Gauges (P.I.G.)

Available in two models, the Elcometer 121 Paint Inspection Gauge (P.I.G.) is designed to measure the paint thickness of single or multiple layers of coatings.

Both P.I.G. models are supplied with illuminated integrated graticule microscopes.

The Paint Inspection Gauge Top model has an internal carousel allowing each of the three cutters to be selected easily together with a cross hatch adhesion tester.

  • Compact and convenient, ideal for paint thickness measurement in confined areas
  • Made of anodised aluminium for durability
  • Bright LED light source for clear vision
  • Top Model can hold one cross hatch cutter & three standard cutters which are locked tight, a simple rotation of the cutter holder changes the cutting tool.