Pull Off Adhesion Tester

Pull Off Adhesion Testers
From the largest man-made structures to the smallest household appliances, most manufactured products have a protective or cosmetic coating. Premature failure of this coating can, at the very least, result in costly penalties or rework.

Adhesion testing after the coating process will quantify the strength of the bond between substrate and coating, or between different coating layers or the cohesive strength of some substrates. Routine testing is used as part of inspection and maintenance procedures to help detect potential coating failures.

Elcometer offer a highly comprehensive range of Adhesion Gauges designed specifically to meet your requirements.

Pull Off Adhesion Method Tensile Dollies (or stubs) are glued to the coating and, when the adhesive has cured, the force required to pull the dolly off the surface is measured.

  • Advantages – Simple to use, quantitative range -giving you a definitive adhesion value
  • Possible Limitations – Time required for some adhesives to cure
  • Applications – Ideal gauge for the laboratory or field -flat or curved substrate applications