Powder Coating Thickness Gauge - Uncured

Powder Coating Thickness Gauge – Uncured is a gauge that can measure the thickness of uncured powder non destructively and with no contact.

It is important that a coating is applied to the correct thickness. Applying too much wet coating will not only waste time and money, but there is also a possibility of the coating cracking during the curing process. Too little coating and there is a chance that the substrate will not be sufficiently covered.

To control process variables, it is often desirable to measure whilst the film is still wet. Wet film measurements are also useful for systems where the dry film thickness can only be measured destructively.

The cured dry film thickness is determined by the level of shrinkage, which in turn is influenced by factors such as particle size and density of the uncured powder.

As all manufacturers’ coatings are different, it is not generally possible to predict the dry film thickness post cure unless the level of shrinkage is known or the pre cure powder density is measured. Measuring the thickness of the uncured powder is difficult.

Whereas wet film measurement is non-destructive, the measurement of powder thickness using any form of contact with the uncured coating, disturbs the powder – altering its thickness.

Elcometer 550 Non-Contact Powder Thickness Gauge

Using third generation proven airborne ultrasonic technology, the new Elcometer 550 Powder Thickness Gauge accurately predicts cured coating thickness by non-contact measurement of coating powders.

  • Accurately predicts the cured coating thickness within ± 5% of the reading or ±5µm (±0.25mils)
  • Ergonomic gun designed for comfort when taking multiple readings
  • Hand held sensor allows easy positioning of the gun for fast measurement
  • Large illuminated colour display with positioning graph to guide orientation of sensor probe
  • Tough aluminium case, ideal for testing in an industrial environment

Elcometer 155 Uncured Powder Film Comb

Available in four scale ranges, the Elcometer 155 Uncured Powder Film Comb is designed to measure uncured powder coating film thickness.

This enables the application system to be set up and fine tuned prior to the curing process. In turn, this will reduce the amount of scrap and over-spray.