MontiPower MBX Axial

Product Description

The MBX Axial is specially designed to remove corrosion in areas that are difficult to reach – like door rabbets, roof joints, wheel housings – to create a blasted surface for superior adhesion.
These characteristics make the Axial a perfect complement to the well-proven MBX systems.

The MBX Axial tool can be used with MBX Belts. When equipped with an Accelerator Bar (optional purchase item, ZU-082 / ZU-083), it can also be used with Bristle Blaster Belts – for higher bristle impact and efficiency.

Features of the MontiPower MBX Axial

  • Highly flexible in tight areas
  • Removing corrosion and oxidation, rust and scale
  • Removing paint, protective coatings and sealers
  • Includes a swivel connector




Part Number SDB-201-BMC
Length 300 mm
Width 125 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Belt diameter (outer) 110 mm
Required flow pressure 6.2 bar | 90 psi
Average air consumption 14.2 cfm | 0.4 m³/min
Idle speed (± 5%) 2,700 rpm
Threaded air inlet G 1/4“
Required hose diameter (interior) 9.5 mm | 3/8“
Vibration 1.45 m/sec2
Sound pressure level 84 dB(A)

Data Sheet

MontiPower MBX Axial Data Sheet

MontiPower MBX Axial Data Sheet