Portable Vibration Tester TV7231

Portable Vibration Tester TV7231

Product Description

The Portable Vibration Tester TV7231 with full graphic LCD and Spectrum Analysis has a large measuring range with a displacement up to 18.1. It analyzes acceleration, velocity, displacement, rotation speed and frequency.

It has three display modes:

  • Common mode display any one of peak acceleration, velocity in RMS and displacement in peak-to-peak
  • Special mode display all the above options simultaneously.
  • Spectrum mode display, spectrogram with status bar on display with warning and alarm limit as well as memory for 100 x 100 readings and 100 spectrograms and RS-232 output for printer or PC (optional software).
  • Acceleration Range : peak value from 0.1 to 392m/s2.
  • Velocity Range : 0.01 mm/s – 80 cm/s (RMS).
  • Displacement Range : Peak to Peak value from 0.001 to 18.1 mm.
  • Accuracy : +/-5% +/-2.


  • Portable Vibration Tester TV7231 is equipped with low sensitivity probe, suitable for testing strong vibration signal
  • Two display modes: digital value mode and spectrum mode
  • Large memory function:100×100 measured results(100 testing points, 100 data can be stored in each testing points ); 100 Spectral chart
  • Spectrum chart can display in real time
  • Easy diagnosis: alarm is sounded when vibration go over limit set ,and get into spectrum mode
  • Testing results and spectrum chart can be printed out when connected to printer
  • 300×200 matrix LCD display, with backligh
  • RS-232 output for printer or PC (optional software)


TV7231 Portable Vibration Tester – Technical Specifications

Measuring Range:Acceleration1m/s2 to 392 m/s2 (Peak)
 Velocity0.1cm/s to 80cm/s (RMS)
 Displacement0.01mm to 18.1mm (Peak-Peak)
Frequency rangeAcceleration10Hz – 200Hz, 10Hz – 500Hz, 10Hz – 1KHz, 10Hz – 10KHz
 Velocity10Hz -200Hz,10Hz – 500Hz, 10Hz – 1KHz
 Displacement10Hz – 500Hz
Operating temperature:0 – 40 ˚C 
Humidity Range:<80% 
Power supply:Li-ion rechargeable batteries – charging time 12 hours
Dimensions171 x 78 x 28 mm 

Standard delivery

  • Main Unit
  • Protection pocket
  • Low sensitivity probe
  • Power adapter
  • Magnetic base
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card
  • Calibration Certificate

Optional Accessories

  • Needle groupware
  • Printer TA230
  • Communication cable

Data Sheet

Instruction Manual