Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge

Product Description

With a choice of calibration options and measurement modes, the MTG4 is ideal for taking readings on a wide range of coated and uncoated materials.

As well as all the features of the MTG2, the MTG4 has two calibration options. Using an uncoated sample of test material of a known thickness, the gauge can be calibrated using 1-Point calibration. Alternatively, the user can select one of 39 pre-set materials stored within the gauge including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, plexiglass, PVC, polystyrene and polyurethane.

Features of the Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge

  • Pulsed-Echo (P-E) and Echo-Echo ThruPaint™ (E-E) measurement modes
  • 1-Point, Material and Factory calibration options
  • Pre-set measurement rate of 4 readings per second
  • USB data output to PC or similar device

Echo-Echo ThruPaintTM (E-E) measurement mode enables readings to be taken on coated materials with a thickness range up to 25mm. In Echo- Echo ThruPaint™ mode, the coating thickness is ignored and the material thickness from the top surface of the material to the material density boundary is displayed. For further information on measurement modes, see the separate leaflet.

Compatible with ElcoMaster® software, individual readings can be downloaded via USB to PC or similar device for further analysis.

The Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge conforms to the following standards :

  • ASTM E797
  • EN 14127
  • EN15317


Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge – Specifications


Easy to use menu structure in multiple languages

Tough, impact, waterproof and dust resistant

equivalent to IP54
Bright colour screen with permanent backlight

Scratch and solvent resistant display; 2.4″ (6cm) TFT

Large positive feedback buttons

USB power supply via PC

Low battery indicator

Ambient light sensor, with adjustable brightness

Emergency light

Tap awake from sleep

Gauge software updates1 via ElcoMaster TM Software

2 year gauge warranty2

Measurement Mode
Pulsed Echo (P-E)

Echo-Echo ThruPaintTM (E-E)

Measurement Rate
4, 8, 16Hz


Thickness Range4
P-E: 0.63-500mm

E-E: 2.54 – 25.40mm

Velocity Range

1250 – 10,000m/s

Measurement Accuracy5

±1% or ±0.1mm

Measurement Units (selectable)


Repeatability / Stability Indicator

Display Mode:

Selectable Reading Resolution
Lo; ie 0.1mm, 10m/s

Calibration Options
Zero set: using the integral zero disc

1 – point

Material selection; present choice of 39 materials

Factory; resets to the factory calibration

Data Output
USB; to computer

Transducer Probe Type

Dual element

Auto transducer recognition   

Auto V-path correction   

Battery Type

2 x AA

Battery Life (approximate)

Approx 15 hours continuous use at 1 reading per second

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50°C

Size (w x h x d)

145 x 73 x 37mm

Weight (including batteries, without transducer)


Part Number (with Transducer)6


Part Number (gauge only)


1 Internet connection required
2 The Elcometer MTG range is extendable within 60 days from date of purchase, free of charge to two years via www.elcometer.com
3 User selectable default setting in scan mode is 16 Hz
4 Dependent on the material being measured and the transducer being used
5 Whichever is the greater
6 5MHz 1/4″ right angle transducer supplied

Data Sheet

Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge – Data Sheet

Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge Data Sheet


Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge – Standards

The Elcometer MTG4 Material Thickness Gauge conforms to the following standards :

  • ASTM E797
  • EN 14127
  • EN15317


Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge – Transducers

Suitable for measuring  Suitable for
Part Number Probe Diameter Probe Configuration Damping1 ThruPaint™ Potted right angle Cast Iron Plastics Thin Plastics Fibreglass Steel Glass Aluminium Titanium MTG2 MTG4
Calibration Certificate
1.00 MHz Dual Element Thickness Transducer
TXC1M00EP-2 1/2″ Right Angle S ●*
2.25 MHz Dual Element Thickness Transducer
TXC2M25CP-2 1/4″ Right Angle S
TXC2M25EP-2 1/2″ Right Angle S
3.50 MHz Dual Element Thickness Transducer
TXC3M50EP-1 1/2″ Right Angle CT
5.00 MHz Dual Element Thickness Transducer
TXC5M00BP-4 3/16″ Right Angle CT
TXC5M00CP-4 1/4″ Right Angle S
TXC5M00CP-6 1/4″ Right Angle CT
TXC5M00CP-8 1/4″ Hi Temp HD
TXC5M00EP-3 1/2″ Right Angle S
TXC5M00EP-4 1/2″ Right Angle CT
7.50 MHz Dual Element Thickness Transducer
TXC7M50BP-3 3/16″ Right Angle CT
TXC7M50CP-4 1/4″ Right Angle S
TXC7M50CP-5 1/4″ Right Angle CT
10.00 MHz Dual Element Thickness Transducer
TXC10M0BP-1 3/16″ Right Angle S
TXC10M0CP-4 1/4″ Right Angle S

1 High temperature probes suitable for measuring 343°C 
All transducers are supplied with a calibration certificate.


Part Number  Description  Nominal  Nominal Thicknesses
Calibration Standard Sets Thickness
T920CALSTD-SET1 Calibration Standard Set 2-30mm 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30mm
T920CALSTD-SET2 Calibration Standard Set 40-100mm 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 & 100mm
T920CALSTD-HLD Calibration Holder; for thicknesses up to 100mm
Both sets come complete with holder and calibration certificate.
Part Number    Nominal
Individual Calibration Standards Thickness
T920CALSTD-2 2
T920CALSTD-5 5
T920CALSTD-10 10
T920CALSTD-15 15
T920CALSTD-20 20
T920CALSTD-25 25
T920CALSTD-30 30
T920CALSTD-40 40
T920CALSTD-50 50
T920CALSTD-60 60
T920CALSTD-70 70
T920CALSTD-80 80
T920CALSTD-90 90
T920CALSTD-100 100
Part Number  Description  Volume
T92015701 Ultrasonic Couplant 120ml
T92024034-7 Ultrasonic Couplant 300ml
T92024034-8 Ultrasonic Couplant 500ml
T92024034-3 Ultrasonic Couplant 3.8l
T92024034-9 High Temperature Couplant 60ml
Transducer Adaptor
These adaptors allow single & dual element, ‘non-intelligent’ and other transducers
with lemo connectors from Elcometer NDT and other manufacturers,
 to be used with the MTG & PTG product range.
Part Number Description
T92024911 Dual Element2 Transducer Adaptor

2 This adaptor allows dual element, ‘non-intelligent’ and other transducers with Lemo Connectors from Elcometer and other manufacturers to be used with the MTG product range.

Instruction Manual

Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge Instruction Manual

Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge Instruction Manual


Elcometer MTG4 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge Video

The Elcometer MTG range of ultrasonic material thickness gauges accurately and non-destructively measure the thickness of materials when only one side is accessible – ideal for monitoring corrosion and erosion.

0:23 – Introducing the Elcometer MTG range
2:14 – How dual element transducers work
3:22 – Transducers and the Elcometer MTG
3:54 – Key features of the Elcometer MTG range
5:21 – Calibrating the Elcometer MTG range
5:52 – Elcometer MTG and ElcoMaster

Capable of measuring almost any coated or uncoated material, for a wide range of applications – including steel pipelines and storage tanks, porcelain basins, plastic piping, or rubber linings to name a few – the Elcometer MTG range is made up of four models:

– The entry-level Elcometer MTG2, a pre-calibrated gauge which simply measures the thickness of uncoated steel;

– the Elcometer MTG4 and MTG6, which can measure a wide range of materials even when they’re coated;

– and the top-of-the-range Elcometer MTG8, which includes all the features and functionality necessary for measuring the material thickness and sound velocity of virtually any material.

Despite their differences, every model in the Elcometer MTG range has a simple, intuitive menu system in multiple languages, so they are easy-to-use without compromising on features or functionality; dust and waterproof equivalent to IP54, ideal for use in the harshest of environments; and accurate to 1% – making this range of Elcometer NDT gauges versatile and reliable.

With the ability to measure the thickness or sound velocity of most materials – such as metals, plastics, glass, epoxies, and ceramics – the Elcometer MTG range uses a dual element transducer, and a small amount of ultrasonic couplant, to measure the substrate thickness, even when it is coated with up to 2mm of paint; ideal for when you need to measure the thickness of a coated material without damaging the coating.

The Elcometer MTG thickness gauges are designed to work with Elcometer’s range of intelligent transducers, which all have automatic probe recognition – so as soon as the transducer is connected to a gauge, the gauge immediately detects what type of transducer you’re working with.

If you already have a range of transducers you wish to use which have Lemo Connectors; they can be connected to the Elcometer MTG gauges using a dual element transducer adaptor – all you have to do is tell the gauge what transducer you are using.

The Elcometer MTG gauges have user selectable measurement rates of up to 16 readings per second (16 Hertz); ideal for quickly scrubbing across a surface, recording multiple measurements.

If you are measuring large surface areas, the Elcometer MT6 and MTG8 have scan mode, where you can scrub the transducer over the test area, and the gauges will display the average, lowest, and highest thicknesses across the scanned area.

In addition to displaying the material thickness, the Elcometer MTG6 and MTG8 ultrasonic gauges have a choice of displays, ensuring the information you need is on screen, when you need it.

Using the Elcometer MTG8’s differential mode, which displays the last reading, and how much it differs from the user definable nominal value – also known as the target thickness – you get an instant indication of where the material is thicker or thinner than expected.

The Elcometer MTG8 also has B-Scan, which shows any changes in the material thickness, visually, as you move across the surface – ideal for quickly identifying large changes in depth within the material.

What’s more, the Elcometer MTG8’s ability to set high and low limits, means that whenever a reading exceeds the range, the gauge gives you an audio and visual warning, clearly highlighting any problem areas, instantly.

The Elcometer MTG range have several calibration options; with simple, on-screen instructions that guide you through each method – so it’s easy to maintain the gauge’s accuracy, at all times. To find out more about all of the calibration methods, make sure you watch our Ultrasonic NDT calibration videos.

The Elcometer MTG8 also allows you to programme up to 3 calibration memories, so you can select a saved calibration method without the need to re-calibrate the gauge.