Viscosity Cups / Meters

The extent to which a liquid resists a tendency to flow is defined as viscosity. In the coatings industry, this behaviour is one of the key parameters.

Elcometer manufactures and supplies a wide range of viscosity gauges from flow cups and dip cups to rotational and cone and plate viscometers.

Flow Cups – The process of flow through an orifice can often be used as a relative measurement and classification of viscosity. This measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds of flow time which can be converted into Centistokes using a viscosity disc calculator.

Dip Cups – Using the same principle as flow cups, dip cups – Frikmar, Zahn, Shell, etc. – can be used to provide a quick viscosity measurement on the shop floor or on site.

Rotational – Rotational viscometers are used to determine the viscosity of liquids which do not depend solely on temperature and pressure. The behaviour of non-Newtonian liquids can be determined using a range of rotational viscometers in particular the Cone and Plate viscometers

Elcometer also offers a range of applicators that also explore the ‘viscosity’ of a coating, these include:

Levelling – NYPC levelling testers are used to determine a coatings ability to level before curing

Sagging – sag testers are used to determine the resistance to sag due to gravity