MT6 Metal Locator / Detector

Product Description

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The MT7 metal locator finds both ferrous and nonferrous metal and indicates depth up to 152mm deep in Concrete & Plaster. Also used to detect Fire Arms at Check Points.

Key Features:

  • Locates metal up to 152mm deep
  • Finds all types of metal
  • Identifies magnetic vs non-magnetic
  • Indicates depth of metal found
  • Large LCD screen
  • Robust for job site use


Find rebar, metal pipes, conduit, and plumbing before:

  • Drilling into slabs for anchor bolts
  • Coring through floors for wire bundles
  • Cutting openings in concrete walls
  • Drilling to add rebar to slab joints
  • Estimating a demolition job
  • Find nails in used lumber before sawing, planing, or sanding
  •  Used by Security firms to detect Fire Arms

The Advantages of the MT7

  • Helps map out the grid of metal through any non-metallic construction material, including concrete, tiles, and marble before drilling or coring
  • Automatically indicates metal type – magnetic (such as rebar) or non-magnetic (such as copper pipe)
  • Shows the depth of metal from the surface in both inches and centimeters
  • Has on-screen graphics that are easy-to-read and interpret
  • Screen displays proximity, type of metal, and depth of metal
  • Made to withstand daily job site use
  • Simple 2 button operation

Other Common applications for MT7 are to find :

· Metal in concrete before coring · Metal studs · Conduit · Copper piping · Electrical lines · Rebar · Telephone lines · Cable lines · Metal electrical boxes · Inner wall exhaust vents · Inner wall ducting · Security searches · Medical metal detection · Nails & studs in plaster & dry walls · Scan for nails in used lumber · Scan trees before milling · Differentiate between wood and metal studs · Survey markers · Trace metallic sprinkler pipes · Locate metal on archaeological digs · Termite traps and sprinkler boxes (tagged with metal) · Trace underground wiring · Tension cables before drilling/cutting · Metal radiant heating pipes and cables · Metal plumbing pipes in concrete/dirt


MT7 Metal Locator / Detector – Specifications

Description Technical Specifications
Accuracy : Sensitivity: The centre of #4 13 mm rebar or 13mm copper pipe at a minimum grid spacing of 152mm
Depth: Typical depth in concrete of up to 152mm can be determined within 26mm
Note: The magnetic properties of the concrete will affect the max. achievable scanning depth
Operating temperature: 7° to 49°, maximum sensitivity 15° to 27° C
Storage temperature : -7° to 66°C
Humidity : 80% RH (non-condensing)
Water resistance : Splash and water resistant, but not waterproof
Shock resistance : Shock resistant from a 1.8 m drop onto concrete
Dimensions : 251 mm x 109 mm x 63 mm
Weight : 286 g without battery
Battery type : 9-V alkaline
Battery life : 1 year with normal use – low battery indicator appears on LCD when < 5 hours of use remaining
Off feature : The MT7 automatically turns off after 5 minutes

Data Sheet

MT7 Metal Locator / Detector – Data Sheet

MT7 Metal Locator / Detector Data Sheet

Instruction Manual

MT7 Metal Locator / Detector – Instruction Manual

MT7 Metal Locator / Detector Instruction Manual