Inspection Accessories

BAMR and Elcometer offer a full range of inspection accessories specifically for the coatings inspector, these include:

Publications: Inspection manuals for general coating defects or those specific to pipeline inspection. BAMR also provides a range of pictorial surface standards for blast cleaning incorporating standards for ISO, BS, SIS, ISO and SSPC. Publications or manuals include the Fitz Atlas with 78 Colour Photos of Application & Coatings Defects Plus and the Macaw Pipeline Defects Manual which is an Illustrated Range of Defects Encountered In High Pressure Steel Pipelines and Pipeline Coatings. It also gives advice on Probable Cause and Significance of Defects and Comments on Appropriate Remedial Actions. The pictorial standards include Swedish Standards as well as SSPC and ISO and give an indication of the SA 2.5 visual blast scale

Magnifiers & Microscopes: For close up investigations, the inspector may require magnification of the surface for a clearer understanding. Some of these microscopes are also illuminated for better visibility in poorly lit areas. The range of magnification is 10x to zoom microscopes that go from 60 to 100x.

Inspection Mirrors: It may be necessary to take a detailed look at a specific area where you cannot get to. In this case an inspection mirror is required. These can also be illuminated and they can extend depending on the application. These can extend from 165 mm to 925 mm and there are other options as well.

Torches / Flashlight: In dark or shaded areas such as in ballast tanks or on large production sites, further investigation may require additional light. The Elcometer Torch is intrinsically safe which is useful when working in hazardous conditions