Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauge - Mechanical

Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauge – Mechanical are gauges that would be an ideal choice when coating thickness needs to be measured, and where batteries cannot be used or are difficult to obtain. For example in remote locations, underwater, where dangerous gasses are present.  The ideal gauge, if you are looking for a basic coating thickness gauge to measure coatings on Ferrous Substrates (e.g. steel).

These gauges all use the original method of measurement – the amount of force needed to remove a magnet from a Ferrous Substrate and are basic coating thickness gauges to measure coatings on steel.

The Elcometer 211 Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge, commonly referred to as the “Banana Gauge”, has proven to be a successful coating thickness gauge where the use of electronic instruments is difficult, e.g. inflammable atmospheres in oil and gas production.The “V” grooved base, rubber feet and clear scale, with its ranges for thicker coatings, make this one of the most popular mechanical gauges in the world.

  • Factory calibrated – with user calibration adjustment
  • Foils supplied to check calibration on site
  • Ideal for cold surfaces and underwater use
  • Small and portable with an accuracy ±5%

The original non-destructive dry film thickness gauge, the Elcometer 101 Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge was the world’s first portable coating thickness gauge with the original being produced in 1947.

  • Insensitive to hot and cold surfaces – ideal for hot sprayed metal coatings
  • Incorporates reading hold feature
  • Accuracy of ±10%
  • Ideal for hazardous areas

The unit passed the drop test in 1947 when compared with the competition and the Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauges became the industry standard from then on.