BTG-300 Infrared Temperature Thermometer

BTG-300 Infrared Temperature Thermometer

Product Description

The BTG-300 Infrared Temperature Thermometer gives you a fast, accurate instant non-contact IR infrared temperature of a human. You get an ultra-fast reading in less than 1 second with a super precision temperature sensor. The large, quick and easy to read display quickly identifies elevated and high human body / head fever temperatures with easy to understand colour coding. The unit is CE & FDA certified.

The BTG-300 Infrared Temperature Thermometer / Forehead Infrared Thermometer is a cost effective temperature gauge specifically suited for measuring the body temperature or forehead temperature quickly and easily. To take a reading you aim the Infrared Gun at the forehead of the person and pull the trigger. It is non contact which is more hygienic and gives you a reading almost instantaneously which saves you time and money in quickly identifying if there is a problem with the person’s temperature.

This Infrared Temperature Thermometer is a popular model for measuring a human temperature as there is no contact required. It gives you a reading almost instantaneously and is easy to interpret.

Infrared Temperature Thermometers are also know as:

  • Infrared Body Temperature Guns
  • Forehead Temperature Gauges
  • Infrared IR Temperature Gauges
  • Infra Red Temperature Guns
  • Infrared forehead thermometer
  • Non contact body temperature gauge


BTG-300 Infrared Temperature Thermometer – Specifications


Measuring method Non-contact
Measuring distance 3 to 5 cm
Range of measurementBody mode32 to 42.5°C
 Object mode0 to 100°C
Response Time <1 second
Accuracy ± 0.2°C
Display Resolution ± 0.1°C
Certification CE & FDA
Operating environmentTemperature10 to 40°C
Warranty 1 Year
Power supply 2 x AAA, Low level battery reminder
Backlight High brightness backlight
Automatic Turn Off 15 seconds
Weight 90g
Dimensions 149 x 77 x 43mm

Data Sheet

BTG-300 Infrared Temperature Thermometer – Data Sheet

BTG-300 Infrared Temperature Thermometer – Data Sheet