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BTG-1220 Infrared Thermometer infraredthermometer BTG-003 Infrared Temperature Thermometer infraredthermometer BTG-3010 Infrared Temperature Thermometer infraredthermometer
BTG-1220 BTG-003 BTG-3010

Ideal for offices, medical professionals, schools, shops, hospitals & homes

Ideal for airports, universities, shopping centers where multiple screening is taking place

Ideal for complex environments like construction, mines, colder outdoor testing

An Infrared Thermometer or Infrared Temperature Gun is a quick and easy non-contact way to measure the temperature of a human. To take a reading simply aim the Infrared Thermometer at the forehead of the person and pull the measurement trigger. You will get a reading almost instantaneously which enables you to screen multiple people in minutes.

As stipulated in the Level 4 lock-down permissions and restrictions regulations for South Africa, all employees must be temperature screened before entering the workplace, and the same applies to the general public when entering public places. All our Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is CE & FDA approved as required by South African regulations relating to COVID-19 health and safety protocols for the screening of workers and public.

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