Coating Thickness Accessories

Coating Thickness Accessories can be split into software and calibration standards. The Elcomaster software is free and can always be kept up to date with a connection to the internet.


Coating inspection regimes require data to be collected on many of the parameters of the coating process: surface profile, surface cleanliness, climatic conditions, film thickness and adhesion. All of these inspections generate a large amount of data.

Elcometer have designed a series of data management software packages that will link directly with the data collection devices (gauges) and instantly produce professional reports, offering full traceability of the inspection proving compliance to the relevant standard being followed.

Our free software package, ElcoMaster® is the most flexible data management software on the market.Designed to meet the demanding needs of the quality inspector whilst offering the ultimate flexibility for managing data into ‘projects’ for ease of use.

It has the flexibility of using the in built template which can be populated at the push of a button or you can generate your own template by importing a pdf of a custom report and then using that to populate. It is very easy to use and user friendly and there are also video clips that will assist you in customising a report. You can also add photographs, labels and other information of interest. The software is also compatible with tablets and smartphones so you can bluetooth readings directly to your mobile device while taking them and then sync that data with the cloud or email the information to your desktop.

Calibration and Standards

Formal quality systems, such as those described in ISO 9000, require gauges to be properly controlled, logged and in calibration. Increasingly, users are specifying that the readings taken by gauges are traceable to National Standards. There are three types of coating thickness standards available from Elcometer: calibration foils, coated standards and zero test plates.