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BAMR, a family owned business, is a leading supplier of top quality coatings & corrosion measurement instrumentation and equipment in Southern Africa & Africa.

In partnership with the Market Leaders in the world, BAMR provides leading-edge technology and high-quality coating and corrosion measuring instrumentation to businesses, with personalised service.

We stay abreast of the latest technology and research as part of educating the market.

We are involved in the industry through participation in associations and institutes including the Corrosion Institute of SA, The South African Paint Manufacturers Association (SAPMA), Cement & Concrete SA, Oil & Colour Chemists Association (OCCA), and other similar organisations.

MontiPower Bristle Blaster Promotion!!

Extra 10% off all purchases till the end of May

BAMR is very happy to announce that we are now supplying MontiPower Bristle Blasters and accessories in South Africa and Africa. We are the new distributors for this region.

We are running a promotion of an extra 10% to acknowledge this appointment that will run until the end of May. Please place your orders before then for the units, belts or other accessories.

The Bristle Blaster is the first hand-held brush belt system in the world that produces a quality of surface roughness comparable to that achieved by ‘grit blasting’.

Its an innovative surface preparation solution to achieve blasting quality without grit.

Its available as a pneumatic, electric cordless or axial option


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6 may 2021

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