Concrete Moisture Encounter CMEX5

Product Description

The CMEX5 moisture meter for concrete determines instant and precise quantitative measurement of moisture content using Gravimetric testing as a baseline. This concrete moisture meter tests the concrete to a depth of approximately 20mm into the slab. The CMEX5 also provides quantitative Carbide Method equivalent readings for Concrete and Anhydrite/Gypsum substrates and screeds. In addition, the CMEX5 has two reference scales for comparative readings making this moisture meter suitable to perform a concrete moisture test as per ASTM F2659. This top quality concrete moisture meter with its Hygrometer and optional external pin and RH probe functionalities, is the ultimate tool for testing of concrete and flooring for professionals in the concrete coatings, wood flooring or water damage restoration industry to help prevent moisture problems on concrete floors.


CMEX5 Tramex CMEX5 Concrete Moisture Encounter
Size: 180mm x 85mm x 40mm
Weight: 357g
Construction: ABS Body
Power: 2 x AALR6 Alkaline (included)
Display: Digital
Depth of penetration in concrete: Approx. 20mm
Measuring range 
Moisture content for Concrete: 0 → 6.9 %
Comparative for Gypsum floor screed: 0 → 12
CM Equiv Anhydrite/Concrete: 0→2.7 / 0→4.3
Reference scale: 0 → 100
Relative Humidity: 0 → 99%
(with optional Hygro-i2 ® probe): 0% → 99%RH +/- 2% @ 25°C
Moisture content for wood (with optional wood pin probes): 5 → 30 %

Data Sheet

Concrete Moisture Encounter Moisture Meter CMEX5 – Data Sheet

Concrete Moisture Encounter Moisture Meter CMEX5 Data Sheet