Hygro Thermometer

Hygro Thermometer

Hygro Thermometer also know as Thermo Hygrometer is an instrument that measures Relative Humidity or RH and ambient temperature. These are both critical measurements in a quality control process. To calculate Dew Point you would also need to have the Surface Temperature.

In the protective coatings industry, moisture can form on the surface when the surface temperature is low enough to cause condensation from the atmosphere. The Dewpoint temperature (Td) is the point at which this occurs.

Monitoring the surface temperature (Ts) relative to the air temperature (Ta) and its relative humidity (%RH) allows the dewpoint temperature to be calculated and compared to the surface temperature. This difference in temperature (TΔ) is the key parameter dictating when it is safe to apply the coating.

The instruments below, other than the Elcometer 319 Climate Gauge, do not have the facility to record surface temperature so you would need a separate gauge for that. Have a look under temperature gauges or Infrared Temperature gauges for units that that will measure surface temperature.

The details for the Elcometer 319 are covered in the Climate Condition Monitor section. The 8706 Hygro Thermometer is one of our more popular models due to the fact that it is competitively priced and it gives you ambient temperature, relative humidity RH, Dew Point, Wet Bulb and Dry Bulb. It also has the option of a plug in liquid probe.

The M20 is a popular temperature and RH meter. The Elcometer 116 Whirling Hygrometer is useful for hazardous areas where you cannot use batteries and this is used with the Elcometer 114 Dewpoint Calculator.