Subsite 250 Pipe and Cable Locator

Product Description


The Subsite 250 pipe and cable locator / Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) offers a simple and safe solution to finding and tracing buried services up to a depth of 4.6 metresGet a grip on what’s beneath your feet with the 250R/T system, one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for locating and avoiding buried telephone, CATV, power, gas, and water lines. Consisting of a 250T transmitter and a 250R receiver with passive or active capabilities, this simple, safe, light-weight system features intuitive controls, an easy-to-read display, and depth estimation up to 4.6 m. Whether you use it passively or actively, the 250R/T will help you get a handle on any situation.

The Subsite 250 R/T pipe and cable locator operates on the principle of detecting electromagnetic emissions from metallic services

  • Audible and visual display for use in noisy conditions with operator friendly controls and high visibility instruction labels.
  • Power mode is used to locate all live cables with sufficient current flow.
  • Radio mode is used to locate any metallic service carrying a (VLF) very low frequency signal.
  • Active mode is used in conjunction with the Transmitter to locate and trace a specific service which is an Optional Accessory

The Subsite 250 pipe and cable locator / Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) was designed and built after consultation with engineers who used this type of equipment everyday.
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Elcometer P150 Rebar and Wall Tie Locator

Product Description


A combined unit to determine both rebar and wall tie location.This fast, rugged gauge is supplied with two detector heads. A standard mild steel 100mm head and an additional 150mm detector head allows the gauge to locate phosphor-bronze, copper and some types of stainless steel* wall tie.

The Elcometer P150 Rebar and Wall Tie Locator can also detect mild and stainless steel rebars, bed joint reinforcement and hoop irons.

Furthermore the Elcometer P150 can locate wiring in plaster walls and is also an excellent stud locator / stud detector which makes it an extremely versatile instrument.

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Elcometer P130 Wall Tie and Stud Locator

Product Description


The Elcometer P130 Wall Tie and Stud Locator will rapidly and precisely locate mild steel or stainless steel wall tie and also make an excellent stud locator / stud detector, it is therefore an extremely versatile instrument. This small, battery operated gauge has:

  • High-impact ABS control unit in tough leather case.
  • Search coils encapsulated in epoxy resin for unmatched ruggedness.
  • Built-in loudspeaker for clear audio signal; Standard 3.5mm stereo jack socket for headphones if required.
  • Single control button for on/off and sensitivity/backoff control.

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MT6 Metal Locator / Detector

Product Description


The MT6 metal locator finds both ferrous and nonferrous metal and indicates depth up to 152 mm deep in Concrete & Plaster.Also used to Detect Fire Arms at Check PointsMT6 metal locator Key Features

  • Locates metal up to 152 mm deep
  • Finds all types of metal
  • Identifies magnetic vs non-magnetic
  • Indicates depth of metal found
  • Large LCD screen
  • Tough for jobsite use

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Elcometer P120 Rebar Plus Concrete Rebar Locator

Product Description


This gauge provides a quick determination of the orientation and depth of rebar.The Elcometer P120 Rebar Locator, is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of detecting reinforcing bars in concrete. Widely used before coring or drilling holes to find “safe spots”, the Elcometer P120 will not only indicate the rebar’s location and direction but will also give an indication of the depth of concrete cover.

Designed in collaboration with the construction industry, the Elcometer P120 is an accurate, reliable, easy to use steel rebar locating instrument, built to last.

Available in both metric and imperial, the Elcometer P120 is supplied with a 100mm  search coil, leather case and batteries.

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Elcometer P100 Imp Concrete Rebar Locator

Product Description


The Elcometer P100 Imp Concrete Rebar Locator gauge provides a quick determination of rebar orientation. The Elcometer P100 is a robust and economical gauge designed to identify the location and orientation of reinforcement bars, metal gas and metal water pipes.Mild steel and stainless steel galvanised wall ties can also be found with the addition of an optional Search Coil (or probe).

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