Elcometer 214 Infrared Digital Thermometer (Laser pointer)

The Elcometer 214 is a simple, easy-to-use, non-contact thermometer which safely and accurately measures surface temperature of non-reflective materials using infrared technology. With a user switchable measuring range of -35°C to 365°C or -31°F to 689°F, a digital display of the temperature is produced in less than one second. Non-contact technology with laser spot indicator ºC / ºF user switchable Fast, 1 second scanning of any surface Measure objects as small as 25mm Distance-to-Target Ratio of 8:1 Easy to read … Read More

8889 Digital Mini Gun Infra Red Thermometer

The 8889 Digital Mini Gun Infrared Thermometer, is compact in size and allows you to get into tight places while its convenient laser targeting and high distance to spot ratio (D:S) gives you accurate readings on distant targets.   Features Non-contact measurement with laser pointer Low cost and simple to use A great portable device for Mobile industry A popular meter for temperature measurement of process and maintenance conditions Easy one hand operation Auto Power off after 4 seconds of … Read More