TIME TH5370 Portable Digital Hardness Tester

The TIME TH5370 is a smart probe which can test Leeb hardness by connecting to a mobile phone (currently limited to Android). It represents the first step that TIME Group Inc. goes towards the Clould Measurement Technology and Internet of Things. Automatic recording, real-time sharing, convenient service. TIME TH5370 opens a new era of smart testing. Data sharing anytime anywhere. Automatically record measurement data.Facilitate the traceability of quality control process. IP54 protection. One-key calling, quick submission of reports, service by … Read More

TIME TH5431 Digital Shore D Durometer Hardness Tester

The NEW TH5431 Digital Shore D Hardness Tester is ideal for testing hardness of hard plastics and rubbers. Features of the TIME TH5431 Digital Shore D Durometer Hardness Tester Built-in displacement sensor. Compact size, easy to carry and convenient to use. 1.3-inch OLED display screen, 128 x 64 graphic dot matrix, clear to read information. Two testing modes to meet actual measuring requirements: Real-time testing mode and Peak-value-lock mode. Optional operation stand. 200 groups of average peak values can be … Read More

HT225D Digital Concrete Test Hammer

HT-225D is an integrated digital concrete test hammer which combines a data processor and a test hammer into one unit. It is widely used for non-destructive testing the quality of concrete and building materials in a finished structure or in prefabricated blocks. From its rebound value, the compressive strength of concrete can be calculated automatically. All testing data can be stored in the memory and transferred to a PC using a USB cable or wireless via Bluetooth. Features of the … Read More

Elcometer 1537 ISO Scratching Tool

The Elcometer 1537 ISO Scratching Tool is a simple but effective instrument which is used to scratch the surface of samples in preparation for adhesion, salt spray and corrosion tests. The tool is held horizontally and pulled across the sample to produce the scratch. The Elcometer 1537 has a tungsten carbide blade which is set to give a 90° cutting angle with a 75° cutting edge. Certificate of Conformity available upon request. The Elcometer 1537 ISO Scratching Tool can be … Read More

Elcometer 3000 Motorised Clemen Hardness Tester

The Elcometer 3000 Motorised Clemen Unit is a robust and accurate instrument for evaluating the resistance to scratching of a coated surface. The sample can be metal, wood, glass, plastic, or other hard materials. A tool is fitted with a hemispherical tip of 1mm diameter (standard), lowered gradually on to the sample surface which is then pulled linearly 60mm. As the sample is pulled the tool lowers automatically on to the sample, moves along the sample, and gently rises at … Read More

Elcometer 1538 DIN Scratching Tool

The Elcometer 1538 DIN Scratching Tool has interchangeable carbide cutters for the preparation of specimens to be used for corrosion testing. Supplied complete with a 0.5mm or 1mm cutter. An adjustment device to ensure accurate setting of the blade is available as an optional accessory. The Elcometer 1538 DIN Scratching Tool can be used in accordance with: • BS EN ISO 4628-8:2012 • DIN EN ISO 4628-8:2012 • DIN 53167* * Standards not in bold have been superseded but are … Read More

Affri Shore A (3001) Portable Hardness Tester / Durometer – Discontinued

The Affri 3001 Shore A Hardness Tester, tests by using a point that penetrates the material under spring pressure, with variable force depending on the model. A direct reading is displayed on the dial which is graduated from 0 to 100 Shore Hardness Units. Features of the Affri 3001 Shore A Hardness Tester Slim measuring nose to ensure exact measurement, as well as on small components. Suitable for tires, soft flexible rubber, plastic, PVC, polyester, neoprene, leather, Thiokol & Nitrile … Read More

Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer

The Elcometer 3120 range of Shore A and Shore D Durometers is widely used to test the hardness of soft materials. A round point indents the material under a fixed force spring and the hardness is displayed on the dial in Shore Hardness Units.The instrument can be used either hand-held or fitted to an optional stand for increased repeatability. Note: The Elcometer 3120 range of Shore Durometers encompasses several hardness values. The Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer can be used in … Read More

Elcometer 501 Pencil Hardness Tester

The pencil hardness test, also referred to as the Wolff-Wilborn test, uses the varying hardness values of graphite pencils to evaluate a coating’s hardness. The Elcometer 501 Pencil Hardness Tester has been designed to ensure that the cylindrical pencil lead is maintained at a constant angle of 45° and exerts a force of 7.5N. The pencil lead, prepared beforehand using the special sharpener and abrasive paper, is inserted into the Elcometer 501 hardness tester and pushed over the smooth, flat … Read More

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