Affri Shore A (3001) Portable Hardness Tester / Durometer

Buy it online┬áhere The Affri Shore A (3001) Portable Hardness Tester / Durometer measures hardness using a point or a ball, that penetrates the material under spring pressure, with variable force depending on the model. A direct reading is displayed on the dial which is graduated from 0 to 100 Shore Hardness Units. Features For rubber, plastics, medical components, paper, sponge using Shore A, B, C, D, O, OO, E, M, 000, 000-S scales. With slim nose to ensure exact … Read More

Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer

The Elcometer 3120 range of Shore A and Shore D Durometers is widely used to test the hardness of soft materials. A round point indents the material under a fixed force spring and the hardness is displayed on the dial in Shore Hardness Units.The instrument can be used either hand-held or fitted to an optional stand for increased repeatability. Note: The Elcometer 3120 range of Shore Durometers encompasses several hardness values. The Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer can be used in … Read More

Elcometer 3101 Barcol Impressor – Portable Hardness Tester

The Elcometer 3101 Barcol Impressor Hardness Tester is an easy to use hardness tester, ideal for measuring hardness of soft metals, plastics, glass fibre and leather. Making sure the indenter point is perpendicular to the surface being tested, the instrument is placed onto the sample and a light pressure is exerted against the instrument driving the spring-loaded indenter point into the material and the hardness reading is instantly indicated on the dial. No waiting, pre-loading or separate measurements are required. … Read More