Elcometer 132 Safety Torch / Flash Light (Intrinsically Safe)

Many environments can have low light or dark areas and explosive gas present; ballast tanks, oil and gas tanks, etc. It is imperative, not only for safety reasons, but also to be able to inspect the coating adequately, to have sufficient light. The Elcometer 132 Safety Torch / Flash Light is explosion proof and meets the ATEX directive as category 2 equipment. It is approved to the latest EN Standards for electrical apparatus for potential explosive atmospheres. This allows for … Read More

Elcometer 143 Crack Width Ruler

Buy it online here The Elcometer 143 Crack Width Ruler is similar in size to a standard credit card, this transparent gauge is marked with a range of graded lines. This simple gauge has been designed to provide inspectors with a low cost alternative to a graduated microscope for determining the width of a crack in concrete or other building materials. Each line is a specified width. To use, position the gauge over the crack and identify which line is a … Read More

Elcometer 7210 Pocket (x30) Microscope

The Elcometer 7210 Pocket (x30) Microscope is pocked size and an extremely practical microscope for site inspections. Having x30 magnification and a built-in light source, the Elcometer 7210 Pocket Microscope is the ideal choice for close up investigation of coating defects and surface cleanliness.

Elcometer 137 Illuminated Magnifier

The Elcometer 137 Illuminated Magnifier is a popular well priced quality product used for assessing the characteristics of a surface. From time to time a closer inspection of a surface is required to ascertain the exact conditions of the material’s profile, cleanliness etc. Furthermore, many environments can be in low light or dark areas – ballast tanks, oil and gas tanks, etc. The Elcometer 137 Illuminated Magnifier is the ideal product for the job. Lightweight, battery powered, portable magnifier Ideal for … Read More

Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors

The Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors are ideal for inspecting difficult to access areas – inside pipes, behind corners, underneath inspection tanks, and other inaccessible or awkward areas. Combined with the full range of test equipment from Elcometer, these high quality, robust mirrors help to provide a detailed examination of the component or project under inspection.

Fibrescope Internal Inspection Tool / Internal Bore Viewer

The remarkable range of Fibrescopes give you the inside edge on diagnosing hundreds of maintenance and repair problems.  Fibrescopes are also known as Low Cost Endoscopes, Fiberscopes, Internal Inspection Tool, Internal Bore Viewers, Interscopes & Scopes. Features The revolutionary flexible shaft adjusts into almost any position. The comfort grip handle allows one hand operation with all the View controls at your fingertips. An integrated focus ring ensures smooth continuous operation while focusing. A high powered lens clearly focuses on objects … Read More

Elcometer 128 Pictorial Surface Standards

The Elcometer’s range of surface standards covers most of those required for surface cleanliness. The Elcometer 128 Pictorial Surface Standards include: BS EN ISO 8501-1:2007/SIS 055900 BS EN ISO 8501-4:2006 The SSPC Standard – VIS 1 The SSPC Standard – VIS 2 The SSPC Standard – VIS 3 The SSPC Standard – VIS 4 The SSPC Standard – VIS 5

Elcometer Fitz Atlas of Coatings Defects

The Elcometer Fitz Atlas of Coating Defects (EFA) takes the reader through a comprehensive range of problems and discusses each in detail. EFA provides the User with a greater understanding of the defect, the probable cause and possible solutions. With over 180 colour photographs, the user can quickly gain an insight into the coatings industry and the possible pitfalls. Sections: Welding Faults: welds, cracks, surface porosity, undercut Surface Conditions: surface preparation, oil contamination, skip weld Coatings Defects: a comprehensive list … Read More