Elcometer Protovale 331 CoverMaster Software


Product Description

Supplied free with each Elcometer 331 2 Model HM, SH, TH and THD, Elcometer’s CoverMaster® software is designed to further simplify the setting up of your covermeter. This easy to use, powerful software package allows quicker data transfer into the CoverMaster® data management system. Covermeter and Half-Cell readings can be stored along with associated photographs, Word® documents, Excel® spreadsheets and other files.The Header page contains all details of the particular site. This includes information such as Batch ID, creation date, site name, location, engineer name, customer name, notes etc.

The batch data is displayed in grid or linear form. These figures are downloaded from the Elcometer 331² straight into this format, so there is no need for time consuming manual inputting of readings.

The reading review screen allows you to see your data clearly, highlighting the out of range figures in red, so you can obtain a clear overview of your readings.

This data can be easily translated into a topographic view giving you all the information you need at a glance.
Data for each reading can be presented in colour or can be shown in greyscale complete with reading values in each grid.or site data that uses both cover measurements and Half-Cell measurements can be shown on the same topographic chart to make data comparison and manipulation as easy, fast and user friendly as the gauge.

Elcometer 331² CoverMaster® Software for powerful reporting

All of the data and the different ways it can be presented for analysis to suit specific requirements can be put together into a report.
CoverMaster® is not only a powerful reporting tool, it is also a data management system which is very easy to use. With built in templates and intuitive Windows® style operating system, professional reports can be produced in minutes.

Reports are fully customisable giving you the ability to add your own logos, photos, add memos and include as much of the information as is necessary for records.

Once a report is generated, it can be saved to PC, printed out or saved as a Portable Document File (.pdf) ready to e-mail it wherever it needs to go – all from within the CoverMaster® Software

As all the information is in one place and CoverMaster® links up directly with photographs. Excel, Word and PowerPoint files, it is simple to analyse and assess the findings. This stops time wasted and confusion switching between different types of programme to view different types of information. CoverMaster® software is all that is required to manage data

Everything is simply archived, ready for use whenever it’s needed. It is easy to switch between views and results and decide which report style to use to display the findings.

Store data, survey notes, inspection reports, photographs, PDF files and any other inspection information all in one easy to access, easy to use programme – CoverMaster®.

The end result is a software program that can be tailored to personal requirements to produce professional, detailed reports quickly, easily and effectively.


Data Sheet

Elcometer Protovale 331 CoverMaster Software – Data Sheet

Elcometer Protovale 331 CoverMaster Software Data Sheet