Sagola 3900 Plus Sealer Gun

Product Description

The Sagola 3900 Plus range of pneumatic sealer guns are compact, lightweight and efficient – ideal for repairs or windscreen beading.

Precision control
The gun’s trigger with discharge valve guarantees precision and control.

Low maintenance
Aluminium main body and full metal interior ensures long life and minimal maintenance.

Available in cartridge or sealant packet versions.


Key Features

1) Air Valve

2) Air Inlet

3) Trigger

4) Aluminium Body

5) Aluminium Front

6) Plastic Front

7) Plunger




 Sagola 3900 PLUSSagola 3900 PLUS M4Sagola 3900 PLUS M6
Vessel TypeCartridgePacketPacket
Working Pressure4 – 6bar4 – 6bar4 – 6bar
Maximum Pressure10bar10bar10bar
Air Consumption160lpm  
Air Inlet Connection1/4″ BSP Male1/4″ BSP Male1/4″ BSP Male

Data Sheet

Part Numbers

Sagola 3900 PLUS Pneumatic Sealer Gun (compatible with 300ml Cartridges)
Part Number : PG10330201
Sagola 3900 PLUS M4 Pneumatic Sealer Gun (compatible with 300ml & 400ml Packet)
Part Number : PG10330401
Sagola 3900 PLUS M6 Pneumatic Sealer Gun (compatible with 600ml Sachet)
Part Number : PG10330402