Sagola Mixing Cups

Product Description

Made of polypropylene (PP5), high breaking thermal and chemical strength, the Sagola Mixing Cups are suitable for all paints.

Four sizes are available to suit every need. All of them with feet to prevent spills by sticking to the table. Reinforced upper border for safe handling once filled, even in the largest size. Outer silkscreened high quality and solvent resistant.

Mixtures and dilutions of all types of varnishes and single stage paints 2K, HS, MS, Polyurethanes, pigmented lacquers, Waterborne basecoats.


Part NumberDescriptionCapacityQuantity
PT40000508Sagola Mixing Cup 400400ml200
PT40000509Sagola Mixing Cup 650650ml200
PT40000510Sagola Mixing Cup 13001.3l200
PT40000511Sagola Mixing Cup 23002.3l175

Part Numbers

Sagola Mixing Cup 400
Quantity: 200
Mixing Cup: 400ml
Part Number : PT40000508
Sagola Mixing Cup 650
Quantity: 200
Mixing Cup: 650ml
Part Number : PT40000509
Sagola Mixing Cup 1300
Quantity: 200
Mixing Cup: 1.3l
Part Number : PT40000510
Sagola Mixing Cup 2300
Quantity: 175
Mixing Cup: 2.3l
Part Number : PT40000511