Sagola MP300 Breathing Mask

Product Description

The Sagola MP300 Breathing Mask adapts perfectly to all kinds of expressions and movements, always providing the highest possible level of protection. The Sagola MP300 mask and A1 filter set have been designed to provide maximum protection against inhalation of organic products with a boiling point over 65°C, without inconveniencing users in any way, enabling them to carry out their work in complete comfort.



Part NumberDescription
PT14810301MP 300 Mask
PT56418052MP 300 Paint Filter, 10 units


  • EN 140:1998
  • EN 143:2000/A1:2006
  •  EN 14387:2004/A1:2008

Data Sheet

Part Numbers

Sagola MP 300 Mask
Part Number : PT14810301
MP 300 Paint Filter, 10 units
Part Number : PT56418052