The BAMR Mini Online Catalogue is a 4 page pdf file (Size 240kb) which is a summary of our product range with pictures and a short description.

For more detailed information please visit the specific pages in the Website. For tips on navigation around the site click on navigation. The Search box at the top right of your screen is also a useful tool to find the correct product.

We will endeavour to keep the catalogue as up to date as possible but the Website will have the most current information with regards new and obsolete products.

The Elcometer Online Inspection Equipment Catalogue 2015 is a pdf version of the 328 page glossy Catalogue of Elcometers range of products (Size 47.6MB). The Elcometer Catalogue which has more comprehensive information on the Elcometer range of products should be used in conjunction with the BAMR Mini 4 Page Catalogue.

Click on Elcometer Catalogue to order the Glossy magazine.

The Elcometer Online NDT Catalogue is a 64 page pdf file (Size 5MB) which has the whole Elcometer NDT range of products.

For interest sake you can access the old Elcometer Online Coatings Catalogue 2013 which is a pdf version of the old 290 page glossy 2013 Catalogue of Elcometers range of products (Size 29.7MB).

The old Elcometer Online Concrete Catalogue is a 44 page pdf file (Size 4.9MB) which has the whole Elcometer Concrete range of products. This is now incorporated into the new Elcometer Catalogue.

If you have any questions regarding this catalogue or our Website please contact us by email