Product Description


These 139 Illuminated Pocket Microscopes with built-in illumination are useful for observing the finest details which cannot be seen with the naked eye. The focusing wheel can be easily adjusted to obtain the sharpest vision through the precision lenses.

Patents in USA, UK & Canada with “zoom” & “rotatable direct light source” to pinpoint the light on the object.


At extremely competitive prices they are ideal for consultants (e.g. paint, corrosion,  engineering, scientists, inspectors and for laboratories, electronic repairs & checking circuit boards.

They can also be used for checking

  • Cutting Edges
  • Tungsten Tips & Edges
  • Diamond Tips & Wheels
  • Shot & Grit particles
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Inadequate Adhesion of Coatings & Cured Powder to surfaces including concrete, metals, plastics etc.
  • Defects in Stainless Steel Welds, Chrome Plating, Anodising etc.
  • In Printing, Advertising, Photographic Industries, Universities, Colleges & Schools etc. (It is ideally demonstrated on a stamp).
  • The New 60 / 80 / 100 x (3 in 1) ZOOM Model (with Optional Stand) has a rotatable direct light source to pin-point the light on the object. The Zoom model is also ideal for Geologists, Botanists, Horticulturists, Antique Dealers, Coin & Stamp Collectors and Hobbyists etc.

60 – 100 x Zoom with Precision Lens

  • Eye piece
  • Battery Compartment Cover
  • Focusing Wheel
  • Vertical Sliding light Intensifier on 50 x’s
  • Power Switch
  • Bulb
  • Transparent Cover
  • Size 137 x 45 x 20 approx.


When measuring narrow cracks (up to 3mm) in concrete & plaster it is better to measure them with the 30x microscope rather than the 50x which can only span across 2mm. Engineers’ Steel Tapes or Stainless Steel Rulers with ½mm resolution are ideal for use with both the 30 & 50x Illuminated Pocket Microscopes.

2 to 10 x Single, Double & Multiple Magnifications



139 Illuminated Pocket Microscope – 30 x and 100 x Zoom – Specifications

Description Specifications
Size: 145 X 45 X 25 mm
Stand: 73 X 47 X 35 mm With SPRING CLIPS to hold specimen slides etc.
Batteries: 2 X AA Pen-lites
CE Rated


Data Sheet

139 Illuminated Pocket Microscope – 30 x and 100 x Zoom – Data Sheet

139 Illuminated Pocket Microscope – 30 x and 100 x Zoom  Data Sheet