Elcometer Webinars

Elcometer Webinars
Recordings of recent webinars

Elcometer have run 6 webinars. You can access the Elcometer Webinar Recordings below.

The first minute is just a count down so you can start at 1 minute.

You can access these videos at the following links:

Profiled Surface Calibration: (24.41 minutes)

Make the most of your Elcometer gauge’s accuracy by learning how to correctly calibrate it.

Soluble Salt Measurement Development: (41 minutes)

Existing measurement techniques and new gauge developments in soluble salt measurement on pre-coated surfaces.

Recording Attributes of a Coating Failure as Result of an Adhesion Test: (25.15 minutes)

The types of pull-off testers that are currently available and the types of adhesion failures that occur and how they should be reported.

Surface Profile Measurement Methods: (33.54 minutes)

Correctly assessing surface profile using a comparator, replica tape and a digital profile gauge.

Selecting a High Voltage Gauge: (34.42 minutes)

Selecting and using pinhole and holiday detection gauges – focusing on high voltage techniques and how to use them safely.

Elcometer 319 vs Whirling Hygrometers (26.30 minutes)

The importance of measuring climatic conditions prior to painting to prevent coating failure.


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