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News: Elcometer Webinar Recordings

News: Elcometer Webinar Recordings

Elcometer have run 5 webinars. you can access the Elcometer Webinar Recordings below.

The first minute is just a count down so you can start at 1 minute.

You can access these videos at the following links:

Profiled Surface Calibration: (24.40 minutes)

Soluble Salt Measurement Development: (41 minutes)

Recording Attributes of a Coating Failure as Result of an Adhesion Test: (25.15 minutes)

Surface Profile Measurement Methods: (33.54 minutes)


Selecting a High Voltage Gauge: (34.42 minutes)


This webinar presentation focuses on the defects that can be detected and also how to set up modern gauges to locate that defect whilst minimising damage to the coating. We then review additional gauge features which are aimed at test compliance and user safety. If you have ever encountered questions or concerns with use of High Voltage Porosity Detectors I recommend listening to this session as it will likely clarify a number of those concerns.