Sagola Cup Lids

Product Description

Sagola Cup Lids are designed for use with a range of mixing cups.

The Sagola Cup Lids are made of polypropylene (PP5), high breaking thermal and chemical strength.

The lids are suitable for all paints and supplied with a highly reliable seal.


Part NumberDescriptionMixing CupQuantity
PT40000512Sagola Cup Lid 400400ml100
PT40000513Sagola Cup Lid 650650ml100
PT40000514Sagola Cup Lid 13001.3l100
PT40000515Sagola Cup Lid 23002.3l100

Part Numbers

Sagola Cup Lid 400
Quantity: 100
Mixing Cup: 400ml
Part Number : PT40000512
Sagola Cup Lid 650
Quantity: 100
Mixing Cup: 650ml
Part Number : PT40000513
Sagola Cup Lid 1300
Quantity: 100
Mixing Cup: 1.3l
Part Number : PT40000514
Sagola Cup Lid 2300
Quantity: 100
Mixing Cup: 2.3l
Part Number : PT40000515