Sagola Anti-Static Hose

Product Description

The Sagola Anti-Static Hose light, flexible, manageable and twist free.

  • Anti-static EPDM rubber hose.
  • Exterior textile reinforcement.
  • Ideal for spraying in the booth.
  • High security crimped ends able to bear the high temperatures of the booth.
  • No need to use flanges, avoiding that they release or cause leaks due to dilation.


Max Working Pressure20bar
Breakage Pressure60bar
Temperature Range-40°C to 120°C
Dimensions (I/D x O/D)6 x 12mm and 8 x 15mm
Material (inside)EPDM Rubber
Material (outside)Textile Reinforcement
Connections6.35mm female couplings with conical closure and flare fitting for easy assembly of the push connector
Conducting Pipe< 1 M Ω
Hoses Compliance97/23/CE, UNE – EN 559


  • 97/23/CE
  • UNE EN-559

Data Sheet

Part Numbers

Anti-static Air Hose – 2.5m Ø 6x12mm
Hose Length: 2.5m
Part Number : PT56414014
Anti-static Air Hose – 6m Ø 8x15mm
Hose Length: 6m
Part Number : PT56414024
Anti-static Air Hose – 11m Ø 8x15mm
Hose Length: 11m
Part Number : PT56414025
Anti-static Air Hose – 16m Ø 8x15mm
Hose Length: 16m
Part Number : PT56414027
Anti-static Air Hose – 26m Ø 8x15mm
Hose Length: 26m
Part Number : PT56414026
Anti-static Air Hose – 21m Ø 8x15mm
Hose Length: 21m
Part Number : PT56414028