Elcometer One Day Training Course – June 2024

Elcometer is returning in June for another stint of training!
Chris Heron from Elcometer UK will be in South Africa in June to conduct two training courses

Chris is an electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineer with previous experience as a Royal Navy Mine Warfare specialist having over seven years experience in ROV operations, now working in Manchester working as an engineer for a world leading industry company providing training and support for the coatings industry.

Please note: There has been exceptional interest in the course already and we are close to being fully subscribed. If you are interested in attending, please advise us as soon as possible by filling in the form below:
BAMR Elcometer Training June 2024 – Google Form

The one day training will cover the big 7 in Elcometer’s range, and will be a relatively hands on course :

Ultrasonic Material Thickness

Climatic Condition Testing

Surface Cleanliness – in more detail than previous years

Surface Profile – in more detail than previous years

Coating Thickness – Wet & Dry – in more detail than previous years


Pinhole / Porosity

The course will cover items such as :
Calibrating a Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauge
Taking surface profile readings with a Digital gauge as well as Testex Tape – we will cover recent changes in the ASTM Standard
Recording climatic conditions and what key information to look out for
Downloading readings to a computer and generating reports

The course will include amongst others the following products in the Elcometer range :
Elcometer MTG8 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge
Elcometer 130 SSP Soluble Profiler Salt Contamination Meter
Elcometer 224 Digital Surface Profile Gauge
Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter with Bluetooth
Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge / Digital Dry Film Thickness Gauges (DFTG)
Elcometer 456 Scanning Probe for quickly measuring large areas
Elcometer 506 Pull Off Adhesion Tester
Elcometer 266 DC High Voltage Holiday Detector

Delegates will receive a certificate on completion of the course.
CPD points have been applied for.

Details as follows:
Cape Town: Wednesday 12 June
Johannesburg: Tuesday 18 June

8am to 5pm

Cape Town: Kelvin Grove Club, Campground Road, Newlands, Cape Town
Johannesburg: Country Club Johannesburg CCJ, Auckland Park, Johannesburg

R1,200 ex Vat per person

Here is a link to the last course from November 2022 which will give you an idea of what we will cover:

Please RSVP as soon as possible
Space is limited to 25 delegates per Training Course
With the expected interest in the course there will be a limit of 5 employees from one company per course.

Please note:
Delegates for any of the days will be entitled to the following:
Discount off the purchase of either:
Elcometer 456CFTS1 – click here for pdf brochure for Unit and Probe
Elcometer Digital Inspection Kit – click here for pdf brochure
Elcometer Protective Coating Inspection Kit – click here for pdf brochure
Any purchase over R10,000 prior to the course starting will entitle a company to one free delegate

Please RSVP as soon as possible

Enquiries & RSVP to:
Graham Duk
[email protected]

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