Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED – Please contact us if you would like a recommendation of a unit to replace this model.


The Subsite 150 pipe and cable locator / Location System is an easy, affordable way to see what obstacles lie beneath the surface of your next jobsite, so you can dig a post hole or footing, install a french drain or fiber optic cable with confidence.

  • With only four buttons and an easy to-read display, the 150R receiver is simple to operate. All locating information is at your fingertips. Rugged, rain-resistant housings stand up to extreme jobsite conditions.
  • System comes in a convenient carrying bag you can take anywhere.
  • Pre-bundled packages and color coded components make the 150R/T system easy to buy—just pick your frequency at the time of purchase.
  • Optional beacons round out the package so you can trace water, sewer, or drain lines with ease.
  • With the entire system weighing just over 2.3 kg, the 150R/T is lightweight, compact, and easy on operators.
  • For added convenience, both the 150R receiver & the 150T transmitter operate using C-cell alkaline batteries.
  • Every 150R/T locating system is backed by superior quality service and support.



Subsite 150 Pipe and Cable Locating System – low cost – Specifications

Dimensions  Receiver  Transmitter 
Length 305 mm 305 mm
Height 60 mm 87 mm
Width 110 mm 159 mm
Weight 0.91 kg 1.36 kg
Operating Temp. Range -20° C to 50° C
Antenna Configurations Peak, null
Audio Output Speaker
Operating Modes : Active Line 30 KHz, 83 kHz
Recommended Depth Ranges 
640 Beacon in air 3.66 m
640 Beacon in cast iron 1.83 m
30K Beacon in air 3.66 m
30K Active (direct connect) 4.57 m
83K Active (direct connect) 4.57 m
Dimensions 640 WS 30K Conduit 640 Conduit
Length 56 mm 91 mm 91 mm
Flex Rod 1/4-20unc 1/4-20unc 1/4-20unc
Diameter 19 mm 19 mm 19 mm
Weight 52.73 g 65.2 g 65.2 g


Data Sheet

Subsite 150 Pipe and Cable Locating System – Data Sheet

Subsite 150 Pipe and Cable Locating System Data Sheet


Instruction Manual

Subsite 150 Pipe and Cable Locating System – Instruction Manual

Subsite 150 Pipe and Cable Locating System Instruction Manual

Comparison Table

Subsite 150  Subsite 250  Subsite 950 
Receiver Y Y Y
Power Mode 1 Y Y Y
Live Cable Locator without Transmitter
Passive Power Frequency 50P,100Hz
Radio mode 2 Y Y
Detects Metallic Pipes without Transmitter (no Current) 3
Depth Range
Line +/-2m 4.2m 5m
Beacon +/-2m 3m 3m
Push button depth indication Y Y
Depth by Triangulation Y Y Y
Optional Accessories
Transmitter Y Y Y
Active mode 4 Y Y Y
Active Line Frequencies 5 30k Hz, 640 Hz 33 kHz 512 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 29 kHz, 80 kHz, 33 kHz (EML)
Beacon / Sonde
Beacon mode 6 Y Y Y
Ranges of Beacons available 30kHz, 640Hz 33kHz 640, 512, 33kHz, 29kHz
Note :
1 Power mode is used to locate all live cables with sufficient current flow
2 Radio mode is used to locate any metallic service carrying a (VLF) very low frequency signal
The 250 has a specifically strong radio mode signal which makes it a very popular model
3 If the Metallic Pipe has a Current then the 150 can detect it in Power Passive mode
4 Active mode is used in conjunction with the Transmitter to locate and trace a specific service.
The Transmitter is an Optional Accessory
5 The 950 has a large range of Transmitter frequencies which is used when cables are congested and there is a chance of “bleeding” i.e. current jumping from one cable to another
6 Beacon Mode is used for Non Metallic pipes where you create a signal by inserting the beacon / sonde into the non-metallic pipe e.g asbestos, PVC or plastic The beacon is an optional accessory and needs to be purchased separately
Subsite 150 Pipe & Cable Locating System
Subsite 250 Pipe & Cable Locating System
Subsite 950 Pipe & Cable Locating System