134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 3X and 10X

From time time a closer inspection of a surface is required to ascertain the exact conditions of the material profile, cleanliness etc. Furthermore, many environments can be in low light or dark areas – ballast tanks, oil and gas tanks etc. 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 3X and 10X – Specifications Part Number Description 134 – 10/3X 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 3X and 10X – Data Sheet 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 3X and 10X Data Sheet

Elcometer 4900 Free Standing Vacuum Tables

The Elcometer 4900 Free Standing Vacuum Tables provide an ideal surface for manual application of films on test charts or samples. Made of perforated aluminium, the Elcometer 4900 keeps a wide range of test pieces absolutely flat (2.3μm variation over a 100mm length), including glass, plastic sheets, contrast charts etc. ideal for thicker, more substantial test pieces. Elcometer vacuum tables are engineered to be flat and precise with little variation for “perfect” flatness. All Elcometer standard tables, channelled and perforated … Read More

Elcometer 4695 Checkerboard Charts

Elcometer supplies a wide range of Leneta Test Charts, from plain white to those having different patterns of black and white. Made from naturally bright, non-fluorescent white paper, these charts contain no optical brighteners that can affect instrumental color measurements. Leneta Test Charts are the market standard in today’s coatings industry. Foil Card substrates of steel, aluminum, glass and plastic are also available. Leneta Test Charts are available in boxes & cases. Charts can be used with the Elcometer 4340 … Read More

Elcometer 2020 Fineness of Grind Gauges

The Elcometer Fineness of Grind Gauges are used to determine the particle size and fineness of grind of many materials including paints, pigments, inks, coatings, chocolates, and other similar products. These two channel gauges are made of hardened stainless steel and have two grooves with a graded slope (dependent on the model chosen). Graduated in microns, mils, NS (Hegman) or PCU (North), the gauges have an accuracy of ±3μm or ±5% whichever is the greater. The groove width for all … Read More

Elcometer 456 Dry Film Thickness Gauge Probe Options

All Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge probes are fully interchangeable and are available in a number of designs and scale ranges to meet your specific application. Ferrous coating thickness gauge probes measure non-magnetic coatings on ferro-magnetic substrates. Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Ferrous Gauges accept any ferrous probe. Non-Ferrous coating thickness gauge probes measure non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates and Elcometer 456 Non-Ferrous Gauges accept any non-ferrous probe. Dual Ferrous Non-Ferrous probes measure both ferrous and non-ferrous applications with automatic … Read More

TIME TR3220 Portable Roughness Tester

The New TIME TR3220 is an advanced stylus surface roughness measuring instrument with an integrated drive unit. It supports 45 kinds of roughness parameter measurements with high accuracy and a wide testing range to 400μm. Features of the TIME TR3220 Portable Roughness Tester Integrated design, easy and convenient to use V-shaped bottom can be used on flat or curved surfaces Touch screen with TFT LCD – showing all important data and graphs High accuracy inductive sensor probe Filtering methods of … Read More

Elcometer 266 & 280 DC Holiday Detector Accessories

Elcometer offers a wide range of high voltage detector probes and accessories to suit all applications and substrates. Rolling springs and ‘C-type’ wire brushes are ideal for inspecting coatings on pipes and pipelines. Making use of the Elcometer 266 DC Holiday Detector & Elcometer 280 Pulsed Holiday Detector. Each spring is supplied with an easy-release coupling piece, allowing users to quickly connect and disconnect the rolling spring from stanchions, pillars, etc. Rolling springs are available in 2 versions, phosphor bronze … Read More

TIME Portable Roughness Tester TR3200 / TR3202

The TIME TR3200 / TR3202 Surface Roughness Tester (TR200) is a cost-effective roughness measuring instrument which supports a dozen of different parameters. It is small & light with high accuracy. The TIME TR3200 / TR3202 can be equipped with several optional pickup styluses for different applications and is well suited for on-site roughness testing. Features of the TIME Portable Roughness Tester TR3200 / TR3202 Over a dozen measurement parameters applicable for roughness tests of various mechanical manufacturing processes in production … Read More

Rubert 130 Composite Set Surface Roughness Comparator

Comparators allow the estimation of surface roughness, by both touch and sight. This set consists of 30 comparison specimens, covering six commonly used and important machining methods: 6 Turned, 6 End-Milled, 6 Horizontally Milled, 6 Ground, 3 Lapped, 3 Reamed / Drilled A label gives the Ra values of each specimen in both metric and imperial units. (Rz-value label available on request).The set is mounted in an attractive wallet with an instruction card Applications The Rubert 130 Surface Roughness Comparators … Read More

Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus

The Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus detects and evaluates moisture conditions within various building materials by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance. A low frequency electronic signal is transmitted into the material via the electrodes in the base of the instrument. The strength of this signal varies in proportion to the amount of moisture in the material under test. The MEP determines the strength of the current and converts this to a moisture content value, displaying it on a large clear … Read More

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