Elcometer Powder Coating Inspection Kit

The Powder Coating Inspection Kit covers all eventualities in the powder inspection process.Elcometer has produced this kit to enable the inspection of powder coatings on all surfaces. The digital Elcometer 415 is suitable for measuring the coating thickness on smooth surfaces and the Elcometer 1542,designed for testing the adhesion of the coating, is also included. Measurement parameters include:• Surface inspection• Coating thickness• Adhesion Elcometer Powder Coating Inspection Kit – Specifications Part Number Description YKITPOWDER-1M Elcometer Powder Coatings Inspection Kit Dimensions … Read More

Elcometer Automotive Inspection Kit

Produced specifically for the automotive aftermarket and Insurance Assessors, 3rd party consultants, body shops and used car sales, these kits provide an instant measure of the coating thickness of panels. An illuminated magnifier is supplied to enable close inspection of bodywork. Measurement parameters include: Surface temperature Surface inspection Coating thickness Individual Instruments can be used in accordance with many other tests. Elcometer Automotive Inspection Kit – Specifications Part Number Description YKIT-AUTOMOTIVE-1 Elcometer Automotive Inspection Kit 1 YKIT-AUTOMOTIVE-2 Elcometer Automotive Inspection … Read More

TIME TH5370 Portable Digital Hardness Tester

The TIME TH5370 is a smart probe which can test Leeb hardness by connecting to a mobile phone (currently limited to Android). It represents the first step that TIME Group Inc. goes towards the Clould Measurement Technology and Internet of Things. Automatic recording, real-time sharing, convenient service. TIME TH5370 opens a new era of smart testing. Data sharing anytime anywhere. Automatically record measurement data.Facilitate the traceability of quality control process. IP54 protection. One-key calling, quick submission of reports, service by … Read More

Leica 3D Disto Distance Meter

Measure once, cut once. No matter what you are doing with a 3D Disto, accuracy is paramount. Since form follows function, the 3D Disto is a cross between a surveyor’s robotic total station and a handheld DISTO. Like a robotic total station, the 3D Disto’s horizontal and vertical turning axes are motorized — get the laser point close to the right starting point manually, aim using the video feed by tapping your target on either the Control Unit tablet or … Read More

Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter

Incorporating a flat sensor, the Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter measures the conductivity of a sample, then automatically converts this to show the density of salts, negating the need for the user to do a manual calculation when working in accordance with ISO 8502-6 or ISO 8502-9. Features of the Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter/h2> • Highly precise measurements can be obtained • Out of range and low battery alarms • Visual indication when ambient temperature is outside the operating … Read More

TIME TH5431 Digital Shore D Durometer Hardness Tester

The NEW TH5431 Digital Shore D Hardness Tester is ideal for testing hardness of hard plastics and rubbers. Features of the TIME TH5431 Digital Shore D Durometer Hardness Tester Built-in displacement sensor. Compact size, easy to carry and convenient to use. 1.3-inch OLED display screen, 128 x 64 graphic dot matrix, clear to read information. Two testing modes to meet actual measuring requirements: Real-time testing mode and Peak-value-lock mode. Optional operation stand. 200 groups of average peak values can be … Read More

Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit – ASTM D4940

  Abrasives used for blast cleaning surfaces can be contaminated with soluble salts due to the source or the re-use of the blasting media. This contamination can be transferred to the blast cleaned surface and result in accelerated corrosion conditions and also cause premature coating failure, if this contamination is not removed prior to applying the coating. Testing abrasives on site for soluble salt contamination can be carried out quickly and easily using the Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test … Read More

134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 3X and 10X

From time time a closer inspection of a surface is required to ascertain the exact conditions of the material profile, cleanliness etc. Furthermore, many environments can be in low light or dark areas – ballast tanks, oil and gas tanks etc. 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 3X and 10X – Specifications Part Number Description 134 – 10/3X 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier Packing List 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier 3X and 10X – Data Sheet 134 Dual Illuminated Magnifier … Read More

Elcometer 4900 Free Standing Vacuum Tables

The Elcometer 4900 Free Standing Vacuum Tables provide an ideal surface for manual application of films on test charts or samples. Made of perforated aluminium, the Elcometer 4900 keeps a wide range of test pieces absolutely flat (2.3μm variation over a 100mm length), including glass, plastic sheets, contrast charts etc. ideal for thicker, more substantial test pieces. Elcometer vacuum tables are engineered to be flat and precise with little variation for “perfect” flatness. All Elcometer standard tables, channelled and perforated … Read More

Elcometer 4695 Checkerboard Charts

Elcometer supplies a wide range of Leneta Test Charts, from plain white to those having different patterns of black and white. Made from naturally bright, non-fluorescent white paper, these charts contain no optical brighteners that can affect instrumental color measurements. Leneta Test Charts are the market standard in today’s coatings industry. Foil Card substrates of steel, aluminum, glass and plastic are also available. Leneta Test Charts are available in boxes & cases. Charts can be used with the Elcometer 4340 … Read More

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