Elcometer 990 Calibration Foils / Shims

The Elcometer 990 Calibration Foils or ‘Shims’ are the most convenient way of creating a coating thickness standard on the substrate material, surface finish or form. This is the ideal method for adjusting the calibration of the coating thickness gauge to ensure the greatest possible accuracy. Features – Elcometer 990 Calibration Foils or ‘Shims’: Metric and Imperial values displayed on each foil Available individually or in foil sets Each foil has unique serial number for traceability Available in thicknesses from … Read More

Elcometer 995 Coated Thickness Standards

The Elcometer 995 Coated Thickness Standards are hard wearing, durable and are mounted in a protective folder. They provide the user with an ideal method to accurately measure the performance of the coating thickness gauge. Features: ±2% accuracy, supplied with Calibration Certificate as standard Available with either Ferrous (F) or Non-Ferrous (N) substrates Each standard is individually serial numbered for traceability Can be re-certified by Elcometer to meet ISO requirements Standards available in a range of thicknesses Special thicknesses can be … Read More