Speedy Ashworth Calcium Carbide Moisture Meter

  The New Speedy 2000 series are used throughout the world by a diverse range of industries to measure the content of materials including soils, aggregates, concrete, sand and powders. Principal users include geotechnical engineers on civil engineering projects, building surveyors and restorers. Other substantial user groups include mining, steel production, foundries and ceramics. Features of the Speedy Ashworth Calcium Carbide Moisture Meter When compared with other moisture measurement systems, the Speedy Tester is often the most practical solution, especially … Read More

Moisture Measurement System MMS 2 – BLD8800

  Introducing the Protimeter MMS2, the world’s most advanced all-in-one moisture meter. The attachments aren’t just included, they’re built in. The Protimeter MMS2 is the industry’s most advanced all-in-one moisture meter. Its ergonomic, 4-in-1 design allows one handed operation to measure moisture on and below the surface as well as ambient air humidity. With an infrared thermometer to calculate the difference between dew point and surface temperature, this meter is designed to assess moisture in both new and refurbishing projects, … Read More

DM4A Moisture Meter

Buy it online here The DM4A Moisture Meter is a universal moisture meter for measuring moisture content in wood, building materials, paper, cardboard and numerous other materials. This non destructive moisture meter gives you digital readings in seconds. Also capable of measuring moisture in caravans, mobile homes, trailers, or at plastic boats (osmose problematic). The DM4A can be used in accordance with DIN EN.50081 & 2 (EC Rated). Features: The pocket size, robust, hand held, electronic moisture meter is suitable for … Read More

Concrete Moisture Encounter Moisture Meter – CME4 – Discontinued

The Concrete Moisture Encounter Moisture Meter – CME4 is for measuring moisture content instantly in concrete floors and floor screeds without the need to drill or damage the surface. Regular checking of moisture content during the drying out period of a new concrete floor or floor screed is important to ensure it has reached sufficient dryness to accept the floor covering. Excess moisture in the concrete could cause latent problems such as condensation or failure of the adhesive under the floor … Read More